tv and blu ray

As downloading and streaming entertainment content becomes more popular, the traditional television could become obsolete. To prevent this, many developers are working on TV gadgets that will enhance your traditional television viewing. Here are some of the cool gadgets to look out for.

Smart TVs

A smart television is basically a TV with a computer inside. It combines watching TV with access to the Internet and the ability to download applications. With the Internet directly on your TV, your living room once again becomes the hub of your home, with the ability to work, Skype, email, use social media, shop, and more all from the one device from your couch. And while that can be done with laptops and tablets, having this ability on a big screen TV instead of a small screen can really enhance the experience and allow the whole family to be involved.

Blu-ray Players

Yes, Blu-ray players have been around for a while, but new models are offering enhanced features that can really alter your viewing experience through more than just a crystal clear picture. Some players being sold today come with access to the Internet, apps such as Twitter and Pandora, the ability to sign into Hulu and Netflix accounts, wireless connectivity, and 3D capabilities. In addition, a lot of players come with a USB port that allows you take music, pictures, and movies from your computer and view them on your TV.

Streaming Media Hubs

If a smart TV is out of your reach and you do most of your TV watching online, a streaming media hub could be the way to go. Some next generation game consoles offer this functionality, including the Xbox and Wii, but there are also devices designed solely to get Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services from the Internet to your TV. The Roku, for example, is a device that plugs into your television and connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Once connected, you can view different channels, which are basically the services you have access to on your computer, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, HBO Go, and more than 100 more. If you’re looking to move your streaming content from your computer to your TV, hubs such as the Roku are a direct and inexpensive way to do it.

Your television can now become your work computer, your movie theater, and your new tablet; the function of the traditional television is limitless with the additions of TV gadgets, and it’ll help keep it relevant in years to come.

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