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Travis Milne Wants Rachel McAdams on Rookie Blue

Rookie Blue Travis Milne Canadian actor Travis Milne of ABC’s Rookie Blue talks to CableTV about his role as Officer Chris Diaz and what’s on the cards for season 4. Q: How did you get involved with Rookie Blue? Milne: I was on vacation in Toronto. I had quit acting completely. I had done it for four years and I just got tired of being really broke. I decided to go on vacation for a week to just check out eastern Canada because I had never been out there. My agent, even though we were no longer working together, called me and said the producers of Rookie Blue saw a movie I did. They ended up bringing me in. At that point it was called Copper and, long story short, I ended up getting it and basically my whole life changed. Q: Did you originally audition for Chris? Milne: I had auditioned for Dov six months before. I thought Chris and Dov were both really strong characters, but I ended up getting Chris. I think it turned out a better fit. Greg [Smith] is playing Dov and the chemistry together is just symbiotic. Q: You guys do have some amazing scenes together. Milne: [Laughs] Yeah, it’s so weird. It’s crazy sometimes. It’s only once in a blue moon that you meet an actor that is as composed and as cool as Greg. We really just hit it off. Even the very, very first scene we ever did together was funny. It’s been great. Q: Do you guys have that same relationship when not filming? Milne: Yeah, totally. We had actually done a film prior [Manson, My Name is Evil]. I called Greg and said, “Hey, they are bringing me down to L.A. to audition for Chris.” We ran the lines the night before and we just killed it. So right off the bat it was meant to be. It’s kind of weird how it all played out. Q: How do you feel Chris has changed from season one to season four? Milne: The original breakdown of Chris was completely different. After they met me, they made him a homegrown, grassroots kind of guy. What I wanted to do was start there and go where they had originally planned for Chris. I was supposed to be a hot head, a guy that couldn’t keep in it control and had anger issues. I thought it would be really interesting to start as this idealistic, calm, generous, and selfless cop and shift as the series goes on to where Chris has a darker perception of what he does. Q: One fan wanted to know: Who is your favorite scene partner and if you could have one guest star who would you choose? Milne: I would love to have Rachel McAdams guest star. She is from Toronto and she is fantastic. She could come in as Chris’s high school sweetheart. And 1000 other people. There are so many people that I would love to come on the show and guest star. What about Bryan Cranston [from Breaking Bad]? It would be the darkest Rookie Blue episode ever! [laughs] My favorite cast member to work with is always changing. I will examine what they’re doing and what I am doing and how we are collaborating together. From that, I hope I will excel a little bit more at what I am doing. Q: One fan wanted to know if you are going to be romantically involved with Traci (Enuka Okuma), and another wanted to know if you were going to get into a relationship with Andy (Missy Peregrym). People want to see Chris hook up. Milne: Oh, yeah! First off, I think Chris knows Andy is going through enough already. She is like a no-fly zone. She’s got like three guys in the mix. You still don’t even know if Callahan (Eric Johnson) is going to come back or not. So, he’s got to back away. But you know, Traci, she is on the table, and don’t underestimate Marlo [a new character in season four played by Rachael Ancheril]. Q: What does that mean? Milne: Well, you never know. Who knows what’s going to happen with Chris and Gale (Charlotte Sullivan)? They are obviously destined [to be] together. It’s kind of cool, I have never seen on a young, male, co-lead who is having a fatherhood struggle in a TV show. Imagine what it’s like trying to be a guy who is on the right side of the law, goes by the book, is very A-type, and his entire life is just subjected to this confinement of a newfound relationship with an old flame and a baby. It’s like all of these responsibilities crashing down on him, and he has to negotiate all of that. I was so excited when Tassie [Cameron] told me. Q: As an actor, what do you do when you get that call? Milne: I won’t sleep for like three or four days sometimes. I will be stressing about it and then I am so excited to be digging into the work so it will be hard for me to get some sleep. The other thing is I will start reading and preparing. By the time we just get to it, you want to make sure you are bringing your A game. When you get these calls, you just get excited. It’s the work I love to do and it gets me up in the morning. People are just in for a good ride with Chris this season; that’s all I could really say. Q: Is there anything Travis Milne wants to say to his fans? Milne: You are the light of my life. You complete me. I feel blessed that people dig what I am doing and want to know about me. Just, thank you.  

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