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TV’s Funniest Sex Trysts Based on True Stories: “Louie” vs. “Legit”

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You probably know that the TV crime procedurals with all the letters (“NCIS,” “CSI,” “SVU,” etc.) rip stories from the headlines all the time, but sometimes television’s funniest shows can also be based on true stories.

And I’m not talking about “Fargo” here. Just like the movie, the fiercely funny FX series claims to be based on a true story. However, a hit-man was never hired to stab the town’s biggest bully in the back of the head while he was having sex at a strip club.

That darkly comedic killing might be pure fiction, but Louis C.K. recently revealed that a rather violent sex scene on his show was actually based on something that happened to him.

In last week’s cringe-worthy episode titled “Model,” Jerry Seinfeld asked Louie to perform at a benefit in the Hamptons. Unfortunately, Louie had a tough time writing “clean” material for the conceited crowd, and he bombed big time after cracking jokes about the rich folks being slave owners.

Fortunately, a manic pixie dream girl (Yvonne Strahovski) found Louie’s failure hilarious. To repay the crushed comedian for making her laugh, she took him back to her place in a sun-kissed driving scene straight out of a romantic French New Wave film. After taking a quick swim in the ocean, the model/astronaut’s daughter had to work way too hard to get the awkward funnyman in bed. After their tryst, the beautiful blonde tried to get her gloomy-faced bedmate to laugh by tickling him.

Unfortunately, violently ticklish Louie reflexively reacted by punching her right in her pretty money-making face, and his dreamy day turned into a nightmare when the girl ended up in the emergency room with her rich and powerful family threatening to sue.

According to Vulture, Louis C.K. revealed that this story was partly true. During a Director’s Guild event, he told the real story.

“I once did a really fancy benefit on the Upper East Side, not in the Hamptons … I wasn’t dressed properly and I did poorly,” he said. “And there was a young, very rich woman who just found me amusing and took me home to her apartment in the Upper East Side. And there were pictures. Her dad was an astronaut. That part is true … And so she kind of had her way with me. I was in my 20s. Like, now that would never happen, but in your 20s, it’ll happen now and again. And then she just [said], ‘Let yourself out.’ That was all I ever saw of her.”

Louie also hates being tickled, but no one has landed in the emergency room because of this.

“Louie” isn’t the only TV comedy to feature an awkward sex scene inspired by a true story. Comedian Jim Jefferies based an episode of “Legit” on an even more awkward sexual encounter that he had with a British celebrity.

In the “Bag Lady” episode, Jim hooked up with an L.A. TV personality married to a very conservative congressman. Paparazzi swarmed his house, and he had to come up with a way to sneak the mortified woman out. He convinced her to climb into a suitcase, and he braved the paparazzi to toss the “bag lady” into the trunk of his car.

Unfortunately, his plans hit a snag when he got pulled over by a cop. The officer heard the woman talking to Jim from the trunk and pulled a gun on the guilty-looking comedian. Jim’s rambling explanation threatened to make the situation worse, but he escaped a kidnapping charge after his humiliated lover spoke up. The cop agreed to let the couple go in exchange for the woman’s phone number (Jim gave it to him).

Jim Jefferies told the true story of this tryst during an appearance on “Conan.” The incident happened in London, and he described the woman involved as being the Vanna White of the U.K. To make matters worse, she was married to “quite a famous guy.”

“We opened the windows up, and there was all this paparazzi out the front,” Jim said of the morning after his hot hookup. As a young comic, he was excited about the attention, but his bedmate wasn’t quite as thrilled.” She went into a panic and couldn’t get out, so I put her into a suitcase,” Jim revealed. “I wheeled her out past the paps, and I said, ‘I don’t know what you guys are talking about. I didn’t have anyone back.'”

Jim’s plan was to put the woman in the trunk, drive around the corner, and move her to the front seat (because he’s such a gentleman). However, he had such a hard time getting the heavy suitcase into the trunk that a paparazzo offered to help him. Unfortunately, the photog heard an audible “Oomph!” come from the suitcase, so the paps hopped on their mopeds and chased Jim like he was “Princess Diana, before the accident.”

“This whole time, I don’t know if the poor girl is suffocating or not, so I’m yelling good thoughts back,” Jim said. Because there were no safe places to park to escape the paparazzi, Jim had to call a “friend of a friend of friend” to find someone with a garage. After a 40 minute drive, Jim’s poor passenger was finally about to be freed. When the owner of the garage saw Jim driving, he said, “You’re Jim Jefferies! I’ve seen you before.” Jim responded, “If you think you’re impressed by me, you should see what’s in the trunk.”

So while Louie’s embellished version of events might top Jim’s tweaked tale, the Aussie comedian’s true story definitely beats C.K.’s fairly tame real-life groupie encounter.

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