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Undateable Tackles Adulthood and Provides Tons of Laughs Along The Way


Chris D’Elia and Bill Lawrence discussed their new NBC hit, “Undateable.” D’Elia plays Danny Beeman, a 30-ish go-with-the-flow single guy who has watched most of his friends move on to serious relationships. He is the last single one after his friend, Shannon, moves out of his apartment to get married.

The show centers around D’Elia and his cast of character friends: the nerdy Burski, oddball Shelly, and recently out-of-the-closet gay guy Brett, who all have certain qualities that make them appear “undateable.”

Lawrence said one of the most important roles on the show is that of Brett (David Flynn). Lawrence said due to Flynn already being openly gay and having a family and kids, he brought a lot more to his character than the typical cliches you might see now on television.

“We all hit him up for stories about when he was first coming out and how awkward it was to deal with his buddies,” Lawrence said. “And kind of how awkward and weird it felt for him to be part of a gang of friends when in his head everything had changed and in their heads, things hadn’tchanged. It was just kind of a funny story generator for us.”

D’Elia agreed, saying he loved the idea of having a authentic gay character because it shows how indifferent his character feels saying that Danny doesn’t care what sex you are, who you like, or who you are attracted to. “You gotta be you,” D’Elia said .

Lawrence has said he has plans of changing the shows direction from just a group of guys that are “undateable” to something more developed.

“What the show’s really about and it will probably sound way too deep for a multi-camera sitcom is Adam and I’s part of a, like, everybody – everybody on Earth — men and women — go through an undateable phase in their life, due to bad jobs or insecurities or money or the way they dress and most of us get out of it,” Lawrence said. “So to me what the show is about is a group of people that would probably be very sad and lonely were it not for each other.”

Although a comedian, D’Elia said he can relate to acting on the show and his character of Danny because he himself feels “undateable,” specifically living in LA. “I always think, you know, when I meet a girl and hang out with her and like her that that’s the girl and then, you know, it ends up not panning out for me,” D’Elia said. “But I just feel like I’m undateable the whole time, my whole life.

Moving forward, Lawrence said the show is just going to get better and better because they really work hard to try to “climb” their way to adulthood always through laughs, improv, and a little dash of scripted work.

The show airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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