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Valorie Curry of ‘The Following’ Dishes on What Emma Will Focus Her Killings on Now

Valorie Curry The Following

Valorie Curry, The Following, sat down in an exclusive interview at this years New York Comic Convention to discuss where her character is going, Joe Carroll, and the changes fans can expect to see.

Q: What is going to be the fallout in season two for Emma? Your characters face has been all over the news. How is she going to get by?

Curry: Emma has had to survive by the skin of her teeth. She is the most wanted person with the most visible face. She has the most recognizable look as well. She has had to find ways to hide, to hide in plain sight, to blend in with the crowd. She has always been very good at getting the job done and doing what she needs to do, but it has not been the most exciting, satisfying life when you are just surviving which is basically what she has been doing.

Q: With Joe, he based all of his killing around literature and Poe. With Emma, now that Joe is gone is there something she bases her killings on?

Curry: Here is the thing. You might not like this answer, but Emma is very bookish and very literary. Joe used that to manipulate her as well. But everything she did was about Joe. The whole cult, the whole religion thing was like ‘Okay honey that is cute.’ [laughs]. But it was really about Joe and she is not a blood thirsty person. Her kills weren’t about a message or an idea the way his are. Sort of murder as art. Hers were just want she needed to do for him. She was just as easily vacuuming the rugs for him and she would kill for him with just about as much empathy [laughs] or about as much feeling. It wasn’t really about the religion of Poe for her, it was about the religion of Poe.

Q: How do you feel about Emma coming through to forefront this season? You have kind of been promoted in a way on the show to a higher place on the evil ladder.

Curry: Emma always thought she was very high up there on the hierarchy of evil. But what you are going to see is if she even believes in the hierarchy of the cult and is she going to reassemble that or is she not? Basically in season one they were just a bunch of people hanging out trying to get time with their man. She kind of always existed as a lone wolf even in the mansion. So you are going to see whether or not she wants to take a place of power and get some minions of her own or if she is going to do her own thing and survive that way.

Q: Do your friends ever bug you for spoilers?

Curry: My friends don’t want spoilers at all. My friends for the most part, watch the show and really enjoy it. That’s the worst thing. If I spoil anything they get really mad [laughs]. So it’s hard for me to do exciting things every day — you know it’s what I do, it’s my work and I can’t talk about my job because I will ruin it.

Q: How fan in advance do you find out what is going on?

Curry: Like that week. We are very honest on the panel. You kind of get a weeks notice if you are going to die. It’s true. We get one script and the script is always a surprise. Sometimes I get broad strokes about where the story theoretically might go, but those things change all the time. So you try not to get attached as an actor. Scripts come pretty quickly before we start shooting and it’s all about being quick, being on your toes as an actor. It’s about knowing the character well enough to know how they would act in a situation because you don’t have a ton of time to analyze it. Which is great because you don’t get into your head as an actor. But it’s always a surprise.

Q: A lot of the actors that surrounded you seemed to get killed. So, do you ever get worried that, that script is going to come for you?

Curry: Of course. I breathe a sigh of relief at the end of every script when I don’t end up dead. There was a scene in episode I think 11 when Jacob hallucinate Emma in the bathtub…and I was like where was my warning, where was my warning walk. But I know what show I am on. I know I could go at any moment and that is what makes the story great and what makes the fans invested in it, is the stakes being that high. All I hope is, if and when I do go out, I get a really good death. 

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Photo Courtesy of: Michael Lavine/FOX

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