The 5 Best Episodes of VICE

Before the Season 3 premiere of news-doc series VICE, we’ve picked five of its best episodes so far.

News documentary series VICE debuted on HBO in 2013, where it ran for six seasons and won an Emmy award for Outstanding Informational Series. Moreso than for the Emmy, VICE gained early notoriety for shooting a “diplomatic” basketball game with then-North Korean “supreme leader” Kim Jong-Un and NBA superstar Dennis Rodman.

In 2020, VICE restarted the series clock and moved to SHOWTIME, where it’s produced two seasons of deep-dive, immersive journalism covering underreported news stories from around the world. Ahead of the Season 3 premiere on Sunday, May 1, we’ve picked five of VICE’s best previous episodes to watch or stream on-demand through SHOWTIME.


You’ll need a SHOWTIME subscription to watch Season 3 (and previous seasons) of VICE. Read our SHOWTIME Review and SHOWTIME vs. SHOWTIME Anytime guide before you sign up.

“India Burning & Russia’s Fight Factory” (VICE S1E2, 2020)

In the episode’s first segment, VICE correspondent Isobel Yeung reports on the rising fear that India’s 200 million Muslims are being targeted by nationalistic Hindu rhetoric. Then, correspondent Alzo Slade travels to the Russian republic of Dagestan, which has become a prolific “fight factory” turning out some of the best wrestlers and MMA fighters in the world.

Scene from VICE’s “India Burning & Russia’s Fight Factory” (VICE/SHOWTIME)

“Viral Racism & Spring Break Forever” (VICE S1E10, 2020)

Isobel Yeung investigates the spiking number of racist attacks on Asian Americans resulting from misinformation on the origins of COVID-19. In the second segment, Alzo Slade looks into the wavering Spring Break tourism of a small Florida town during the height of the pandemic and how local officials are handling the downturn (or lack thereof).

Scene from VICE’s “Viral Racism & Spring Break Forever” (VICE/SHOWTIME)

“El Darién & Out of Sight” (VICE S2E4, 2021)

Correspondent Paola Ramos interviews South American migrants making a treacherous trek through one of the world’s most dangerous jungles along the Columbia-Panama border en route to the United States. Then, Krishna Andavolu reports on the state of police body cameras and their negligible effect on crime, prosecution, and brutality against American citizens.

Scene from VICE’s “El Darién & Out of Sight” (VICE/SHOWTIME)

“Shadow War & God and Country” (VICE S2E8, 2021)

In locked-down Iran and Iraq, Suroosh Alvi investigates a covert shadow war between Iran and the US for influence and control in the Middle East. In the next segment, Alzo Slade visits America’s Bible Belt to see how conservative Southerners are coping with the realities (and inherent un-realities) of the disputed end of the Trump presidency.

Scene from VICE’s “Shadow War & God and Country” (VICE/SHOWTIME)

“Descent Into Darkness & Merging with Machines” (VICE S2E13, 2021)

In the lead-off segment, on-the-ground correspondent Matt Cassel reports on the failed economic and societal state of Lebanon and the effect on its people. Then, Alice Hinds interviews neuroscientists, tech pioneers, and even cyborgs about the quickly-converging worlds of biology and technology and what it means for humanity going forward.

Season 3 of VICE premieres Sunday, May 1 on SHOWTIME.

Scene from VICE’s “Descent Into Darkness & Merging with Machines” (VICE/SHOWTIME)

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