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“Warehouse 13” Stars Talk Babies and Learning Spanish in Final Episodes

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As cult TV favorite “Warehouse 13” winds down its final episodes, stars Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly and Executive Producer Jack Kenny dished on what to expect in the final season, including a Spanish telenovella and the possibility of babies in the future for Pete and Myka.

One of the final episodes features a plot line involving a television that can pull people into whatever TV show is playing. And yes, you’ll see the characters transported into a Spanish telenovella in an episode that fans just may crown the funniest ever in a series already known for its camp and humor. In fact, when asked about their favorite moments for the entire history of the series, McClintock cited that episode, “Savage Seduction,” although he was not so happy about having to learn Spanish.

“Jack came up to me,” said McClintock, who plays Pete on the series. “He’s like, ‘Okay listen. You’re going to have to learn Spanish so start now.’ And I was like, ‘What?’

“So, you know, Joanne and I and Artie were … all having to take Spanish lessons for a couple months I guess. We took lessons in between, you know, during our lunch breaks and it was probably the hardest I’ve had to work on any of the shows or any of the seasons … I mean, I’m like four IQ points above the short bus so it was difficult, but I watched it last night for the first time and it’s so wild and wacky and I’m so proud of it. … I think it’s really funny and I think it’s going to be one of the best episodes of the series … And Jack directed that so it’s one of the ones that I remember the most fondly.”

Kelly, who plays Myka, couldn’t really pin down one moment, but talked abut how much she would miss the show and the people on it.

“I learned so much during ‘Warehouse 13.’ I think now that it’s over … since we stopped shooting you realize how special it was. And very much, you know, there’s a ton of times where you don’t really understand what something is to you until it’s no longer there.

“I think that’s a clich√© for a reason and it’s really true for me that, you know, ‘Warehouse 13’ was a really special time. And I don’t think I understood that until I stopped, until we … stopped showing up every day and you say, ‘Oh my God I’m not going to see these people,’ these people [I was] so used to seeing every day. These people have been such a big part of my life. It’s a huge change, you know.”

For long term fans of the series, they’ve watched Myka and Pete work together as partners without any kind of romantic relationship for so long, yet as is common when you have a man and a woman as partners on a show, fans naturally want to know if they will ever resolve that “unresolved tension,” if you know what I mean. With both characters getting a bit older and not having any romantic prospects of their own on the horizon, let’s say there is talk of babies in the beginning of the final season. But Kenny and Kelly won’t quite give away how that will play out.

“I do think you see a fundamental change in these characters’ relationships, as I think you do across the board in the show,” said Kelly when asked if that talk would translate to some kind of romantic ending. “That’s all I got to say about that.”

Kenny was a little more forthcoming, but still vague enough not to give the ending away.

“There’s an arc that Eddie and Jo have in the last six episodes that’s really fun to see unfold. And you see a lot of it unfold, I mean, you see the beginning of that — of the sort of cracking of that iceberg — at the end of Episode 4.

“But then it really starts to come to fruition in five and six … but everybody, every character has a kind of a revelation of sorts in the last episode. Every character is granted a revelation in the defining moment and something really cool to deal with and in I think a way that really works. “So I think — I hope that everybody’s going to be very pleased with the final episode. I think they will be.”

The final season of “Warehouse 13” debuted April 14 on Syfy for its final six-episode run.

Photo: Eddie McClintock as Pete Lattimer and Joanne Kelly as Myka Bering. Photo by Russ Martin/Syfy

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