Where Can I watch the Democratic Presidential Debate?
-CNN, call this number to order CNN 1-855-803-5494

When Does the Debate Start?
-9 p.m. ET (8 p.m. CT, 6 p.m. PT)

Who will be participating in the debate?
Hilary Clinton
Bernie Sanders
Martin O’Malley
Jim Webb
Lincoln Chafee
** Potentially Joe Biden

Key Issues We Expect the Candidates to Talk About

Email Gate: News broke earlier this year that Hilary Clinton was solely using her own private email account while she was Secretary of State, potentially risking hacks and making it hard to share her emails as public record. Expect the candidates to bring this up.

Gun Control: After last week’s heartbreaking incident in Oregon, expect gun control legislation to be top of mind during the debate. So far, here is what the candidates have said on gun control .

Immigration and Refugees: Immigration has been a hot topic for the Republican debates and the Democratic debate will be no exception. We even suspect questions might be raised on how the U.S. ought to be involved in the refugee crisis going on in Europe.

Planned Parenthood: If your summer vacation home happens to be under a rock you might not have heard about the big Planned Parenthood debate going on in the country. If so, here’s so details . Plan on hearing a lot about Planned Parenthood and Women’s Rights during the Democratic debate.

Climate Change: Climate change has been a huge topic this year, even Pope Francis has had some strong words about it. Candidates will have to talk about this in the debate, especially when it comes to the Keystone XL Pipeline.