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We Love the Monster Love on “Grimm”

GRIMM_Marriage The cutest couple on TV is a woman with a furry face and a guy whose grotesque looks would send anyone running away screaming. Yes, you heard me right. I’m talking about Rosalee and Monroe (Monrosalee) from “Grimm,” the werewolf-like newlyweds whose first day of marital bliss was ruined by a murderous FBI agent and a wily witch. Monrosalee didn’t get a perfect wedding, but I’m pretty certain the hairy sweethearts won’t let that minor setback negatively impact their incredible relationship. The Way They Woge Whenever Rosalee woges, she’s absolutely adorable. Her fluffy Fuchsbau face brings to mind a chubby-cheeked hamster or a furry little fox. Monroe isn’t quite as cute when he transforms. He turns into a terrifying Blutbad with red eyes and other frightening features. However, once you get to know him, you find yourself being less freaked out by the way he looks with his other face on. He’s certainly no Big Bad Wolf. Monroe is a vegetarian who fights his instincts to snack on the citizens of Portland. In his human form, he’s a harmless, super-sweet hipster with a great sense of humor. Monroe’s Adorkable Proposal Monroe has a crazy obsession with old clocks. He even rigged a cuckoo clock to propose to Rosalee in the most squee-worthy way — by rigging it to say, “Will you marry me?” whenever the cuckoo bird popped out. It was a creative proposal that was oh-so-Monroe. Of course he had to take his ladylove to a restaurant with a very hipster name before he popped the question. Unfortunately, you can’t actually dine on vegetable ragout at “&” because the restaurant doesn’t exist in the real world. An Interspecies Love Story Monrosalee’s fairy tale romance experienced a little turbulence when Monroe’s parents almost disowned their son for marrying outside his Wesen species. However, our star-crossed lovers refused to let this prejudice tear them apart; Monroe chose being with Rosalee over winning his mother and father’s approval. It was sweet that Monroe stood up for Rosalee, even though his father had a frightening reaction to finding out that his future daughter-in-law was a Fuchsbau. Their Fairy Tale Cottage and Apothecary Shop Monroe’s humble home is a cozy place full of old clocks. Even though it’s been a bachelor pad for most of the show’s run, it looks like such a warm, inviting place to live. And of course Monroe and Rosalee get to work at a rustic apothecary shop that looks like something out of a “Harry Potter” movie. Does anyone else want their life? An Unlikely Friendship Monrosalee made friends with a Grimm, something unheard of in the Wesen community. However, Rosalee and Monroe are very loyal to Nick and his girlfriend, Juliette. Nick wouldn’t be a successful Grimm without Monroe’s insight and knowledge of the Wesen world, and there’s a good chance he’d already be dead if he hadn’t encountered the Blutbad. Rosalee brought Juliette out of her coma, and Monrosalee has been a big help to Nick whenever he’s trying to solve cases involving Wesen. Now that Juliette knows about her husband’s secret life, she and Nick can enjoy dinners, glasses of wine, and jokes about Bauerschwein with their Wesen pals. The unlikely group of friends shares a unique, enviable bond. Most fairy tale TV shows and movies are about princesses and princes falling in love and finding their happy endings, but these same old stories can get a bit boring. That’s why it’s so nice to see the “monsters” from these fairy tales getting their own happily ever after on “Grimm.”
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