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7 Craziest Moments on “Z Nation”

Z-NationCAr Syfy’s “Z Nation” is the perfect show for those who need a break from the bleak mood and slow pace of “The Walking Dead.” Sometimes the anxiety-inducing AMC series can be tough to watch because you spend every episode waiting to see which beloved character is going to die next. “Z Nation” is much easier to watch because it has a sense of humor about the zombie apocalypse. Sure it’s silly most of the time, but who cares when you get crazy zombie moments like the ones listed below? 1. A Zombie Tornado Obviously “Z Nation” had to make a “Sharknado” joke when deadly undead missiles started hurtling through the air, and this wasn’t the only pop culture reference in “Home Sweet Zombie.” After seeing zombies bounce off of trees and fly through windows, loveable drug fiend Doc wisecracked, “Man, if I see a munchkin, I’m gonna freak.” If only the show would’ve dropped a house on top of a zombie wearing striped stockings. 2. A Zombie Dog Because animals can also be infected by the zombie virus, a “Z Nation” weather forecast could actually call for a zombie sharknado. Citizen Z finally got a taste of zombie action when he encountered hungry undead Husky at the isolated CDC center. Before putting down the undead dog, Citizen Z came up with the perfect name for it: Cujo. 3. The Zombie Slingshot The character who calls himself “10K” because he wants to kill 10,000 zombies is the Bart Simpson of the zombie apocalypse. He takes out dozens of zombies with nothing but a slingshot — let’s see Daryl Dixon do that! I’m really hoping this kid who looks like Edward Scissorhands with a hipster scarf sticks around long enough to reach his goal. 4. The Creepy Baby Zombie “The Walking Dead” hasn’t dared to venture here yet, but “Z Nation” shamelessly showed viewers what happens when a baby turns into a zombie—the terrifying tot gains super speed, skitters around like a cockroach, and decides to play a deadly game of hide-and-seek. A zombie baby might have a hard time bringing down a full-grown man, but it can trick him into following it into a death trap. 5. Ding Dong, the Zombie Is Dead (Again) One of the wackiest ways to take out a zombie is by stealing a flatbed truck with the Liberty Bell on it, slamming on the brakes, and watching the bell ding-dong down the road while splatting zombies. The Liberty Bell scene was obviously inspired by the “Sharknado 2” sequence that showed the Statue of Liberty’s head rolling down the streets of New York. What does Syfy have against our national treasures? 6. Zombie Road Kill That Isn’t Dead The oil tank full of writhing zombie soup in “Fracking Zombies” was pretty disturbing, but what the gang found in the wheel well of their truck was even worse. They discovered that it’s not the best idea to run over the undead after finding a still-moving, crunched-up zombie hiding behind their tire. 7. Don’t Fear the Reefer Doc got a zombie stoned in “Full Metal Zombie,” and I don’t mean that he killed a zombie with a rock. Doc was trying to have a conversation with a new undead acquaintance while waiting to die in an air shaft, but the zombie just couldn’t get its mind off of eating Doc’s brain. Clever Doc couldn’t kill his companion with a blow to the skull, so instead he decided to blow its mind by getting it high. For a split second, lighting up seemed to make the zombie’s eyes light up, and it quit trying to eat Doc. Apparently all the survivors need to slow the zombies down is acres and acres of marijuana—instead of giving them the munchies, it decreases their desire to eat every living thing in sight. Are you enjoying the zaniness of “Z Nation” so far?
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