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What does the world watch on TV?

If you had to guess what television shows have been watched more than any other, what would you guess? Sports games, movies, parade broadcasts, breaking news? As it turns out: we really love watching sporting events, season finales, and controversial episodes of already popular shows. From 1983 until 2010 the season finale of the cult classic TV show M*A*S*H stood as the most watched American TV broadcast ever, with more than 50 million people tuning in to watch. The episode lost it’s rank as the number one TV broadcast of all time with the 2010 broadcast of Super Bowl XLIV. Among the other, all-time most watched broadcasts include: Roots season finale (more than 36 million viewers), Super Bowl XVI (40 million viewers), the 1994 Winter Olympics (45 million viewers), and… The Oprah Winfrey Show with an appearance by the former king of pop, Michael Jackson (36 million viewers). Did you think these shows would be the most watched, or were you expecting something different?

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