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What is a Remote Control Extender?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could tuck your DVD player, cable box, and Xbox console out of site? Instead of being shoved under furniture or just out in the open – tangled cords and all – what if you could hide your home entertainment system in a box or a closet or even another room? With a remote control extender, you can disguise your home entertainment system and still get all the functionality of your remote controls. A remote control extender kit comes with a small transmitter, a small receiver, and usually three IR (infrared) receptors. The remote control transmitter sits near your TV, and the receiver sits near your home entertainment devices. Each IR receptor is placed over the infrared receptor on the device (see the diagram below) and wired into the receiver. [Diagram] So when you’re in the living room, watching TV, you can point any of your remotes at a single transmitter, and it passes the signal to the receiver with the consoles in the closet, in the drawer, or in the other room – wherever you hide them. And if you have more than three devices you want to connect? You can buy extender kits that will allow you to add more controls through your receiver. Do be careful to notice if your remote control extender system is IR only or IR to RF – the second one translates an infrared (IR) signal to a radio frequency (RF) and often back to an infrared signal. These are particularly useful for longer range signals or more obstacles (windows, doors, walls, etc.). If you’re only tucking your entertainment consoles in a drawer in the same room with your TV, a standard IR extender system is probably sufficient.

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