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What to Watch on TV This Week

TV previews for the week of Jan. 27–Feb. 2, 2020

Is everything on TV this week overshadowed by The Big Sportsball Event? No. . .but yes. Here are a few viewing recommendations to help beat the spread.

Miracle Workers: Dark Ages

Comedy/Fantasy | Tuesday, Jan. 28 | TBS

Season 2 premiere: In the first season of Miracle Workers, an anxious angel (Daniel Radcliffe) worked to stop a bored God (Steve Buscemi) from deleting Earth. This time around, Radcliffe and Buscemi play different characters toiling in medieval times (not the dinner theater).

The Good Place

Comedy/Fantasy | Thursday, Jan. 30 | NBC

Series finale: Elsewhere in the existential universe, acclaimed comedy The Good Place comes to a close after four seasons of attempting to redeem humanity. Will Eleanor (Kristen Bell) and the gang finally save us from The Good and/or Bad Places? It’ll take 90 minutes to wrap it all up.

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Drama | Thursday, Jan. 30 | CBS

Season 1 finale: Continuing the spirituality streak of the week, Evil ends its solid and twisty first season with an investigation of a pregnant woman carrying twins—but one is possessed by the devil! How to determine which? Look for a “666” birthmark (a “999” is totally cool, however).

BoJack Horseman

Comedy | Friday, Jan. 31 | Netflix

CTV Pick of the Week: In the second half of season 6, BoJack Horseman’s last, BoJack’s (Will Arnett) alcoholic-narcissist past catches up with him (again). BoJack Horseman may be a cartoon, but it’s also fantastically nuanced and emotional—and funny as hell. Binge the feels.

Super Bowl LIV

Football | Sunday, Feb. 2 | FOX

Sports event: The San Francisco 49ers face the Kansas City Chiefs in Florida. The halftime show features Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, so expect a second-half delay as crews clear the field of glitter and sequins (a good time to check your bets on The Puppy Bowl and The Kitten Bowl).

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TV previews for the week of Jan. 20–26, 2020

Project Blue Book

Drama/Sci-Fi | Tuesday, Jan. 21 | History

Season 2 premiere: Dr. Hynek and Capt. Quinn (a reality-based ’50s Mulder and Scully) investigate more UFO phenomena, like Roswell and Area 51, under the watchful eyes of both the US military and the KGB. Project Blue Book is historical drama with a capital D-R-A-M-A.

Awkwafina is Nora from Queens

Comedy | Wednesday, Jan. 22 | Comedy Central

CTV Pick of the Week: Golden Globewinning (and Oscar-snubbed—boo!) actress Awkwafina produces, writes, and stars in a new, semi-autobiographical comedy about growing up in Queens, New York. Finally, we have something to fill that Broad City–sized hole in our hearts.

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Star Trek: Picard

Drama/Sci-Fi | Thursday, Jan. 23 | CBS All Access

Series debut: It’s 2399, and retired Starfleet commander Jean-Luc Picard is mounting a rogue mission with a new crew—no, not stopping the Y24K bug. Picard has already been renewed for a second season, because CBS All Access can’t survive on Nash Bridges reruns alone.


Comedy | Thursday, Jan. 23 | FOX

Series debut: The pitch meeting went, “What if Young Sheldon. . .times three?!” Outmatched is a laugh-tracked sitcom about a blue-collar New Jersey couple raising certified-genius kids, with a little Tony Danza thrown in. Hey, paired with Last Man Standing, the comedy bar isn’t high.


Comedy/Drama | Friday, Jan. 24 | Hulu

Season 2 premiere: Aidy Bryant’s breakout hit of last year returns with more cute fashions, body-positive vibes, and all the feels—but no job. Will Annie (Bryant) find a new gig before she finds herself? At least season 2 will have more episodes to explore it (eight instead of six).

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Fantasy/Drama | Friday, Jan. 24 | Netflix

Season 3 premiere: Not only does Sabrina have to go literally to hell to rescue her boyfriend from Madam Satan (who should really get her own spin-off), she also has to stop the Prince of Hell’s hostile takeover of the joint. Makes the nonsense going on back in Riverdale seem trivial.

The Goop Lab with Gwyneth Paltrow

Docuseries | Friday, Jan. 24 | Netflix

Series debut: Now the recent release of that “special” candle makes sense—it also smells like a PR stunt. The Goop Lab may look like an infomercial posing as a behind-the-scenes docuseries about Paltrow’s lifestyle brand. . .and it totally is, but it just may be impossible to look away.

TV previews for the week of Jan. 13–19, 2020

The Bachelor

Reality | Mondays | ABC

Season 24: America’s greatest resource for Instagram belly-tea detox ambassadors is back with another interchangeable white guy (Peter Weber—even his name is boring) looking for. . .love? Sure. Which of the ladies will become Mrs. Weber or the next Bachelorette? Stay tuned!

The New Pope

Drama | Monday, Jan. 13 | HBO

Series debut: Following up 2017’s The Young Pope, which starred an over-the-top Jude Law as the divisive title character, The New Pope names his successor (obviously). That would be John Malkovich, who’ll be joined by guest stars Sharon Stone and Marilyn Manson. Yes, really.

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68 Whiskey

Drama/Comedy | Wednesday, Jan. 15 | Paramount 

Series debut: A ridiculously good-looking team of US Army medics stationed in Afghanistan navigate danger, love, and non-regulation facial hair in what Paramount might as well have called Sexy M*A*S*H. As a comedic war drama, 68 Whiskey’s timing is just slightly off.

The Magicians

Fantasy/Drama/Comedy | Wednesday, Jan. 15 | Syfy

Season 5 premiere: After a mopey-soapy debut in 2015, The Magicians has evolved into Syfy’s smartest, and funniest, series. It’s a deep dive; the uninitiated are advised to catch up on Netflix, where this tight ensemble was throwing down R-rated Hogwarts long before Sabrina.

9-1-1: Lone Star

Drama | Sunday, Jan. 19 | FOX

Series Debut: In this spin-off of Ryan Murphy’s first-responders hit 9-1-1, the procedural action moves from Los Angeles to Austin—Dick Wolf already has Chicago locked down. Here, Rob Lowe is charged with rebuilding a tragedy-stricken firehouse and arguing with Liv Tyler. Yee-haw!

Avenue 5

Comedy | Sunday, Jan. 19 | HBO

Series debut: In the year 2060, luxury cruise liners have moved from the oceans to outer space—what could possibly go wrong? Everything, hilariously. Hugh Laurie captains this sci-fi comedy from the producers of Veep, which is surprisingly light on Uranus jokes.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Comedy | Sunday, Jan. 19 | HBO

Season 10 premiere: Larry David has been pissing off his fictional friends for 20 years on Curb Your Enthusiasm—is this the decade he finally turns an existential corner? Nah. Joining the meta-misery this season are guest stars like Jon Hamm and Laverne Cox (RIP Funkhouser).

TV previews for the week of Jan. 6–12, 2020


Drama/Mystery | Monday, Jan. 6 | NBC

Season 2 premiere: The passengers and crew of Montego Air Flight 828, who disappeared for five years in the first season of Manifest, are back to face more questions than answers (yes, it’s very Lost). The most pressing: Are they destined to die anyway? Air travel is worse than ever.

Schitt’s Creek

Comedy | Tuesday, Jan. 7 | Pop

Season 6 premiere: The Rose family heads into the final eight episodes of Schitt’s Creek—and we still haven’t placed Moira’s (Catherine O’Hara) accent. FYI: Schitt’s Creek is a Canadian series that airs in the US on Pop before it winds up on Netflix (where you’ll eventually catch it).

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Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

Comedy/Drama/Musical | Tuesday, Jan. 7 | NBC 

Series Debut: After a bizarre accident involving an MRI scan and iTunes, San Francisco coder Zoey (Jane Levy) is suddenly surrounded by people breaking into song and dance—but only she can see it. It’s like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but with Top 40 hits and Peter Gallagher’s eyebrows.

Party of Five

Drama | Wednesday, Jan. 8 | Freeform

Series Debut: In this reboot of the ’90s FOX drama, the parents of five California siblings aren’t dead, they’re deported; this time around, Party of Five is a timely commentary on immigration. If you just can’t wait, the first episode of Po5 2.0 is available to stream on Hulu now.

Medical Police

Comedy | Friday, Jan. 10 | Netflix

Series Debut: Remember Childrens Hospital on Adult Swim? Medical Police (a.k.a. Cop Doctors, or Doctor Cops) pits those inept physicians against a global bioterrorism plot—a terrible, but funny, idea. Stars Erinn Hayes, Rob Huebel, Malin Ackerman, and more return in their silly, silly roles.

Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector

Drama/Mystery | Friday, Jan. 10 | NBC 

Series Debut: Don’t have enough serial-killer shows in your life? The exhaustingly-titled Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector is here for you, Karen. Good-looking detectives Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs are tracking the BC, but not cheating by reading ahead in the novel.

The Outsider

Drama/Mystery | Sunday, Jan. 12 | HBO

Series Debut: Speaking of books turned into TV shows, Stephen King’s 2018 thriller The Outsider gets a creepy screen makeover via HBO. A small-town cop (Ben Mendelsohn) investigates the murder of a young boy, who was killed by either supernatural forces or Jason Bateman’s goatee.

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