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Which Doctor Could Save Grady Memorial on “The Walking Dead”?

  Grady Memorial Hospital is a disaster on “The Walking Dead.” Dr. Steven Edwards (Erik Jensen) is the only doctor on staff, dead bodies are thrown into an elevator shaft, and zombies have control of the ground floor. However, we think there may be hope for the Atlanta hospital, especially if we can call in reinforcements from these five other TV doctors. 1. Dr. Miranda Bailey from “Grey’s Anatomy” Dr. Bailey (Chandra Wilson) has the tough attitude necessary to survive a zombie apocalypse, and she could easily take charge of Grady Memorial Hospital. She would not tolerate the police interfering with her patients, so their reign of terror at the hospital might be stopped. Plus, her general surgery skills would be valuable because amputations are commonly used to save lives. Despite earning the nickname of “the Nazi” from her interns, Dr. Bailey occasionally reveals a softer side that would be useful in treating scared patients. 2. Dr. Danny Castellano from “The Mindy Project” Dr. Castellano (Chris Messina) was considered one of the best residents and he did not lose his drive after joining a private practice. His discipline would bring order to the chaotic mess at Grady Memorial Hospital. He is a passionate and dedicated doctor who could transform the way staff and patients interact. Although he can be demanding, his workaholic attitude would be a welcome change from Dr. Edwards’ more relaxed style. 3. Dr. Jenna James from “Getting On” Dr. James (Laurie Metcalf) may not have the best bedside manner, but her ambition may be the key to saving the remains of humanity from turning into walkers. She loves research and wants fame, so the zombie apocalypse would give her the perfect opportunity to prove she can cure a terrible disease. Plus, she may be able to find a temporary solution that does not involve amputation to save patients at the Atlanta hospital while she works on the bigger problem of ridding the civilization of zombies. 4. Dr. Adam McAndrew from the “Red Band Society” Dr. McAndrew (Dave Annable) has the gentle and caring bedside manner others are often missing. He would bring a calmer transformation to the Atlanta hospital by focusing on the patients first and worrying about the rest later. He was described as a hero because of the lengths he is willing to go to save someone. This would be a huge change from Dr. Edwards who is willing to let patients die to avoid conflict. 5. Dr. Henry Morgan from “Forever” Dr. Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd) has 200 years of medical experience which cannot be fairly compared to the typical education of another doctor. Plus, his immortality status means he could be bitten by patients and survive. Dr. Morgan also loves a good mystery, so he may be willing to investigate how and why the zombie apocalypse started, helping the team find a way to get rid of the walkers for good. Which TV doctor do you want to see try to save Grady Memorial Hospital? Photo: AE/Instagram
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