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Which States Boast the Highest Number of Bachelor Contestants

If you’re a fan of The Bachelor, you’ve no doubt noticed that while the franchise has become more diverse in recent seasons, there are still plenty of tanned, blonde women competing for the leading man’s heart. But just where are all these ladies from? Well, if your first guess was California, you’re not wrong.

We looked at which states past Bachelor contestants—as well as those currently vying for Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s heart on season twenty-two—come from, using data provided by California boasts a whopping 96 Bachelor contestants, followed closely by 47 contestants from Florida, 41 from Illinois, and 39 from Texas.

Meanwhile, some states, including Delaware, Vermont, Wyoming, New Mexico, North Dakota, and South Dakota, didn’t have a single Bachelor contestant in the mix, based on this data. Are women from places like Vermont and the Dakotas just uninterested in vying for a bachelor’s heart?

If you’re from one of the underrepresented states, don’t be too disappointed, though. While there may not be dozens of women from places like Vermont on the show, The Bachelor is filming its Winter Games in Vermont, so the state will have a special place in the franchise’s history. The Bachelor has also filmed in South Dakota, as well as in New Mexico, where contestant Megan apparently confused the state with the country of Mexico.

As far as the current Bachelor season goes, there’s a variety of home states represented this year. Tia Booth is one of just three contestants from Arkansas in the show’s history—at least, based on the twenty-one seasons we found data on—and Krystal Nielson appears to be the first-ever Bachelor contestant from Montana. Of course, there are still five contestants from California this year, too, as well as one from Texas and two from Florida.

And let’s not forget the international contestants, either! Vanessa Grimaldi, who won Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor (though the couple later broke up), hailed from Canada. Jessica Carroll, one of this year’s contestants, is from Canada, too, but Luyendyk Jr. sent her home in the show’s first episode. Over the years, The Bachelor has also seen contestants from Brazil, Italy, and England. Carroll was this season’s only international contestant, though, so it looks like the season twenty-two winner will be from the United States.

So while you wouldn’t be wrong to assume that most Bachelor contestants are from places like California and Florida, that doesn’t mean other states are out of the running entirely. After all, Grimaldi won the show last year. And Bachelor contestants from less-represented states, like North Carolina’s Emily Maynard, have gone on to star in The Bachelorette. Certain states might have more representation than others in the show, but it’s still anyone’s game.

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