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Who Should “South Park” Skewer Next?

KyleKennyStan-Classroom “South Park” loves to lampoon pop culture, and the show is at its best when it chooses TV targets. Last season, we saw the mocking of Miley Cyrus’ MTV Video Music Awards performance, Kim Kardashian’s love affair with airbrushing, and the “informative murder porn” crime reenactment shows that make up the bulk of Investigation Discovery’s programming. There was also an epic, three-part “Game of Thrones” send-up that poked fun at all the male full-frontal nudity on the HBO show, and it was such a big hit that author George R.R. Martin felt compelled to respond to it: “I do have to say I’ve been told that my character on “South Park” is obsessed about weenies,” he told “Clevver News.” “I have to deny this as a scurrilous rumor.” Now the big question is, which TV series will “South Park” skewer during season 18? There’s no shortage of small screen fodder to take a swipe at, but there are a few shows we want to see the cast take on. “Duck Dynasty” Obviously the Duck President would have to make a cameo in a “Duck Dynasty”-themed episode, but it would really be all about South Park’s resident rednecks, Jimbo and Ned. They seem like they’d be big fans of the camo-clad Duck Commander crew, and it would be interesting to see how the citizens of South Park would react if one of the gun-loving outdoorsmen were to go on a Phil Robertson-style homophobic rant against Big Gay Al, Mr. Garrison, or Mr. Slave. Isn’t it obvious how this episode would end? Jimbo and Ned don’t have wives, they’re always together, and Jimbo once stated that “everyone is a little gay.” You do the math. “Naked and Afraid” and “Dating Naked,” or “Dating Naked and Afraid” How can “South Park” not make TV’s naked craze the butt of one of its jokes? It’s really easy to imagine Randy Marsh becoming obsessed with getting on “Naked and Afraid,” but what would happen if he spent months honing his survival skills only to end up on “Dating Naked” by accident? His “date” would include a roasted lizard dinner complete with dirty drinking water, spooning (for warmth), and lots of diarrhea. “American Horror Story” “South Park” really needs to treat viewers to a good Halloween episode this season, and “American Horror Story” is loaded with ideas. After forming their own coven of witches, the goth kids could use their magic to accidentally unleash every “American Horror Story” cliché imaginable. It would be fun to see the town overrun with ghosts, serial killers, mad Nazi scientists, Voodoo priestesses, zombies, and Minotaurs. And of course Cartman’s visitor pals would also have to pop up somewhere other than in the background. The Discovery Channel’s mockumentaries “South Park” did an amazing job mocking The History Channel’s silly “Ancient Aliens” series in “A History Channel Thanksgiving,” so it would be awesome to see the show take on The Discovery Channel’s downfall. The once-educational network has jumped the shark with mockumentary specials that try to trick viewers into thinking that the extinct megalodon might still be alive or that mermaids and Yetis actually exist. These mockumentaries are so ridiculous that there’s no way the “South Park” writers can resist poking fun at them, so perhaps a Discovery Channel crew will come to town to film a super-cereal special titled “ManBearPig: The New Evidence.” “Orphan Black” and “Orange is the New Black,” or “Orange Black” It was fun seeing the “South Park” girls get an episode mostly about them in last season’s “The Hobbit.” Maybe this season we’ll see Stan and Cartman go crazy after encountering a bunch of Wendy Testaburger clones with wildly different personalities, and perhaps one member of the Clone Club will be a juvie escapee in an orange jumpsuit. It’s about time for “South Park” to introduce an outrageous female character who can drop lines that are just as funny as those that the boys get. Bonus points if she creates improvised weapons using locks and socks, sneaks cigarettes into school by hiding them in tampons, and has a cool nickname like Texizona.   Which TV series do you think “South Park” should take on when it returns on September 24?
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