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Who Will Win The 2013 NBA Championship? Poll Results

  NBA championship poll 2013   It’s no surprise to anyone who follows the NBA that most fans believe LeBron James and the Miami Heat will win this year’s NBA title. We asked 26 sports bloggers who they thought would win the NBA finals.  24 out of the 26 bloggers (92%) picked the Miami Heat to win the title.  One of the outsiders picked the New York Knicks to win it all; the other picked the San Antonio Spurs. Our poll results closely match a similar poll of over 200 sports writers conducted by ESPN.  95% of the sports writers in their poll predicted that the Miami Heat would win this year’s NBA Championship. As you would expect, Vegas also agrees with both poll results.  Before the start of the NBA Playoffs, sports betting website Bovada set the odds of the Heat repeating as champions at 2/3.  After Miami’s first-round sweep of the Milwaukee Bucks, the odds are now set at 1/2. Here are a couple of responses we received during our poll:
“I think it’s going to be the Heat again. If Russell Westbrook wasn’t going to be out then I would say the Thunder would be a contender but I don’t think Durant can’t do it by himself. The Heat are just too good right now.”
Jessa from Life of a Sportswife
“The ball movement across the court and around the 3-pt line is just amazing to watch and their rebounding has been fixed with Birdman. Their biggest problem is a team that will make it a “dirty” game and play them ugly. Outside of Boston, Chicago, San Antonio and Memphis I don’t think any contenders play that way. SA is really the only finals contender in that group.”
Colby from Sports GM Talk This just goes to show that LeBron James’ $16 million salary doesn’t compare to the value he has added to the Miami Heat (hint hint: we’ll show you why tomorrow). Let us know who you think will win the NBA title this year. Special thanks to all of the sports blogs who participate in our poll, including:
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