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Why ‘Glee’ Should Focus on New York and Say Goodbye to McKinley

Glee New York Remember when Glee first started, and it was all about the kids at McKinley? It had its ups and its downs, then some of those kids graduated, and suddenly, the show took on a whole new feel. The series has since split time between New York and Lima, introducing new characters along the way, and trying to get us to care about these new faces. Unfortunately, it’s like McKinley has become that guest who is cool at the beginning of the party, everyone loves them, but as the night comes to an end, they’re clearly overstaying their welcome. I would argue that the show would be better off saying a final goodbye to McKinley once the current seniors graduate. Let’s be honest, there are only so many different storylines you can have at a high school, and in its fifth season now, some are seeming repetitive and forced, especially Jake cheating on Marley with Bree. One moment, Marley’s pushing him back when he goes too far and the next, he’s propositioning Bree? Glee would have been better off skipping that and finding another way to break up Jake and Marley if they were so determined to go down that path. Sure, it’s been nice to have that reminder of life at McKinley after the first graduation, knowing that we wouldn’t have to say goodbye to the then-juniors just yet, but after this group graduates, it’s hard to imagine caring enough about those who are left to want to see McKinley again. I would miss seeing Sue, especially since lately she’s been saying exactly what needs to be said about what’s going on at McKinley, but it’s time to move on. It’s time for everyone to move on, and that includes Mr. Schuester. So no following anyone to New York, alright, Mr. Schue? On the other hand, what we’ve seen of Kurt, Rachel, and Santana in New York has been a breath of fresh air. Yes, the trend of Rachel getting something she wants thanks to a second audition was a bit unlikely, but it has also opened the show up to explore her character in a new way—and it brought in Peter Facinelli and Ioan Gruffudd, and no one should complain about that. This season’s additions of Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert to the loft group mean a wider range musically, and when you have those two on a show where there’s singing, you have to put them in a band together, especially with the strong voices from Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, and Naya Rivera. With New York, we’ve gotten to see what life is like after graduation for several characters, and while some parts may seem less realistic than others—everyone’s working in the same diner, Rachel got the part she wanted—the storylines have been done in such a way that we’d much rather see more of them than cut back to Lima. That said, just because I’m arguing that the focus should be on New York and the show should forget about Lima doesn’t mean it only has to show New York. It could also showcase the graduates in other states. Why not check in with those who headed off to California instead of waiting around for a way to bring them back to Lima? Why not go visit Quinn at Yale? Why not see how Mike’s doing? There are many possibilities, and if the show cut out McKinley, it would have time to explore those options and more. Now I turn it over to you, readers. What do you think about Glee‘s format? Do you want to keep seeing McKinley after graduation or are you ready to move to New York permanently? Photo: Adam Rose/FOX Find Meredith on Google+.

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