FOXs New GirlTelevision can be both entertaining and educational, depending on what you watch. Though, sometimes, watching TV can be only about getting away from your life and into another’s, if only for a little while. Right? Right now, as America continues to struggle through a recession and things are getting a little daunting in Wall Street, many of us are tuning-in for a short escape. Which helps explain why quirky comedies are rapidly becoming the most popular shows on television. Across the board, ratings are up for funny sitcoms on TV. From new series like “New Girl” on FOX and “2 Broke Girls” on CBS, more people are tuning-in to comedies in order to escape from the stress, strain, and struggles of every-day life. With the recent downturn of the economy and the constant stresses of American life, can you really blame us all for wanting to escape everything we’re dealing with by watching a ditzy girl try to find a date? Of course not. What about you, are you tuning in to today’s comedies? Why or why not?