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Why We’ll Miss Matt Smith: Saying Goodbye to Another Doctor

matt smith doctor who I’m a little ashamed to admit that I was none too eager and excited when Matt Smith came along as the Eleventh Doctor. As a newbie to the “Doctor Who” world, it hadn’t quite sunk in that I would have to say goodbye to someone whom I had been on so many adventures with. Sure, I already said goodbye to Christopher Eccleston, but for some reason I found the transition from the Ninth to the Tenth Doctor much easier. By the first episode with David Tennant, I was sold! I know I’m not alone in saying I found it hard to say goodbye to Tennant’s Doctor. My friends often remind me of the months it took me to finally give the Eleventh Doctor a chance. But, with time I did and I grew to love and appreciate Matt Smith and what he has brought to the character. So as soon as the announcement was made that Smith would be leaving and Peter Capaldi would be replacing him, the mourning period for the current Doctor began all over again. Fans around the world have been singing Smith’s praises and thanking him for his time as the Doctor as his time runs out. The Christmas Special is sure to bring tears as we once again welcome a new (re)generation of our favorite time-traveling hero. What will we miss the most about Matt Smith? Oh so many things! His exuberance exuberance You would expect as much from the youngest actor to play the role, and Matt Smith didn’t disappoint when it came to bringing an excitement and exuberant spirit to the character. No sooner did Ten turn into Eleven was that new energy evident. His silliness silly The Doctor has always had a measure of silliness, no matter who the portrayer, and Smith stayed true to that aspect of the Time Lord. His ability to balance the silly nature of the Doctor with the seriousness of the dramatic situations he encountered as he traveled through time and space was nothing if not remarkable. His fashion bowtiesarecool Because how else would we ever have known that bow ties are so cool? And the fez! Bow ties have become increasingly more popular over the last few years. Coincidence? I think not! If Matt Smith didn’t look so darn adorable in them, I’m sure that wouldn’t be the case. So, the fashion world thanks you! His heart(s) saddoctor As silly and exuberant as the Eleventh Doctor could be, he always was able to show an incredible amount of compassion when it came to the people he cared about most. It seems as though Smith’s Doctor more than any other created a family for whom he cared for deeply, and who felt the same way in return for him. It was often heartbreaking to see how much pain it caused him when he had to say goodbye to his closest companions. What about you? What will you miss most about Matt Smith’s Doctor? Find Patty on Google+

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