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Prism TV

About CenturyLink® Prism®

CenturyLink® Prism® TV is interactive fiber-optic* television that comes with professional installation and over 320 crystal-clear channels. Welcome to the future of television.

CenturyLink® Prism® TV Features

Pure Broadband Internet

Interactive Features

With the advanced features of Prism TV, you can enjoy an interactive dashboard, caller ID on your TV, and media sharing from your PC.

  • See who's calling from your TV
  • Enjoy an interactive dashboard
  • Share music, photos, and videos

Whole Home DVR

Watch and record up to four shows at once from any room in your house—you won't be tethered to your DVR.

  • Watch and record 4 shows at once
  • Watch Prism TV from any room
  • Free professional installation

Fast fiber-optic** TV

CenturyLink® Prism® TV uses a fast fiber-optic network**, meaning you'll get warp-speed channel changing and the ability to find movies and TV shows quickly and easily.

  • Warp-speed channel changing
  • Find-It-Fast Navigation
  • Search for shows by title, actor, or category