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  • 200+ channels available w/ FREE HD channels
  • Download speeds starting at 60 Mbps
  • Unlimited local and long distance calling
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Charter in Georgia

Georgians Turn to Charter Cable Internet for Speed and Reliability

If you've had enough of the lag DSL has and want to get your tunes faster, Charter high speed Internet is the solution. With Charter Internet®, you're getting one of the top-ranked Internet service providers in America.

Charter TV

Control Your TV Schedule with Charter TV®

With so many options of shows to watch on cable TV, it only makes sense to ensure that you have the ability to see all of it. With Charter's best cable package plus On Demand, you'll be good to go. With On Demand services from Charter Cable, you'll be able to catch up on shows, avoid commercials, or even tuning in to new shows you've wanted to watch.

Charter DVR

Control the Action with Charter Cable

Whether you follow car #22, #88, or #13, in Georgia, Charter Cable has you completely covered from 'Start your engines,' to the checkered flag. When they're racing, Charter TV® packages will make sure you see every pass in the corner and stop on pit road. When you add a DVR to your cable package from Charter, you'll be able to record the race to watch later, pause live action to grab a snack, or re-watch exciting developments as the races unfold.

Stay Entertained with Charter TV® in Georgia

Charter Cable delivers HD programming to Georgians who know what they want from their cable provider. There are more than 2,700,112 homes in Georgia with an HDTV that could get maximum entertainment value through HD deals from Charter.

HD has changed the way people watch sports on television. Once you watch Atlanta Braves action in HD, you won't ever go back. Customers of Charter Cable in Georgia can take advantage of a variety of specials to save money and keep track of what's going on with all your favorite sports teams.

200+ Channels

60 Mbps
  • Charter Cable Speed 60 MBPS
  • Average DSL Speed in Georgia 28 MBPS

Charter Internet® Delivers a Great Online Experience in Georgia

20 Times Faster Than DSL**

Charter Internet® in Georgia is really fast, featuring speeds up to 30 Mbps, which is ten times faster than DSL. Charter Internet® uses the latest technology, like Powerboost®, to help you get more done. It should come as no surprise that more than 3.9 million people had Charter as their high speed Internet Service Provider in 2012.

Charter Internet® includes ESPN3, which gives you access to over 3,500 live sporting events every year. You'll get a wide variety of sports online, including NCAA athletics. And with Charter you get more bandwidth to support more devices than any other provider. Don't miss a minute of the action no matter how many people are using your Internet during a game.

Save with a Charter Bundle

Did you know there are around 2,376,098 homeowners in Georgia getting lower prices and more convenience from a broadband bundle? It's true. You get the convenience of all your services in one bill, in addition to saving money by bundling services together. Charter Cable has promotions that will get you TV, Internet, and phone all bundled together in one low monthly payment. Get three great services for one low price, all without contracts.

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