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Spectrum in Idaho

Spectrum Internet Keeps Idahoans Connected

If you're ready to make the change to one of the most respected Internet service providers in the country, call today and discover the benefits of Spectrum Internet®. One of the leading factors is the speed. Internet from Spectrum is as much as 10 times faster than DSL, bringing you all your online content at a blazing rate.

Spectrum TV

Control Your TV Schedule with Spectrum TV®

Spectrum provides On Demand so that you can catch up on shows you've missed, or try out a new series. With Spectrum, you'll be able to stay on top of everything that's on cable TV; simply order the cable package that's right for you, add On Demand and, you'll be set.

Spectrum DVR

Control the Action with Spectrum

No matter who your favorite driver is, in Idaho, Spectrum has you completely covered from 'Start your engines,' to the checkered flag. Get a Spectrum TV® programming package to ensure you'll see every second of the race action, from the beginning of the race to the very end. When you add a DVR to your cable package from Spectrum, you'll be able to record the race to watch later, pause live action to grab a snack, or re-watch exciting developments as the races unfold.

Get More Out of Your Entertainment with Spectrum TV®

Spectrum gives Idahoans the HD that their TVs need. Spectrum can really help the 75% of homes in The Gem State with HDTVs unleash their power via their services. Your HDTV can hit its maximum entertainment value if you take advantage of the terrific deals Spectrum offers.

HD has changed the way we enjoy sports. Once you watch your favorite teams action in HD, you won't ever go back. Discover what specials Spectrum offers in Idaho that make it more affordable than ever to keep up with your favorite teams.

125+ Channels

60 Mbps
  • Spectrum Speed 100 MBPS
  • Average DSL Speed in Idaho 19 MBPS

Idaho Gets a Better Connection with Spectrum Internet®

Just how fast is Spectrum Internet® in Idaho? It's really fast, featuring speeds up to 100 Mbps, which is ten times faster than DSL. With Powerboost® from Spectrum Internet®, you get cutting edge technology that makes it easier for you to finish your projects. That is part of the reason over 3.9 million people in 2012 were subscribed to Internet service from Spectrum.

Spectrum Internet® includes ESPN3, which gives you access to over 3,500 live sporting events every year. You'll be able to go online to watch more games, including NCAA athletics, along with bandwidth to support more devices than any other provider. Don't miss a minute of the action no matter how many people are using your Internet during a game.

Bundles from Spectrum Save You Money

Bundling your cable services in your home offers you a way to save some big money for your budget. If you make the move to bundle services, not only will you end up with one bill instead of multiple ones, you'll cut down on mail clutter and join nearly 374,877 households in Idaho who've made the same choice. There are many different promotions available from Spectrum which give you money-saving deals on high speed Internet, home phone, and cable TV, without having to make a long term commitment!

Save Big

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