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Spectrum in Kentucky

Get Connected with Spectrum Internet in Kentucky

If you're looking to change your Internet provider, give Spectrum a call to learn why Spectrum Internet® is one of the top Internet service providers in the country. One prime reason is the fact that high speed Internet with Spectrum is ten times faster than DSL, meaning you download pictures, videos, and songs that much faster.

Spectrum TV

Control Your TV Schedule with Spectrum TV®

Spectrum provides On Demand so that you can catch up on shows you've missed, or try out a new series. There is so much available on cable TV these days, make sure you are getting all of it with the right cable package and On Demand from Spectrum.

Spectrum DVR

Take Control of Your TV with Spectrum

Spectrum knows Kentuckians love Nascar. It doesn't matter if you support Danica Patrick or Carl Edwards, with Spectrum TV® packages you get all the action in HD. With DVR service, you can create your own replays, pause the action while you break for the kitchen, or record the race if you aren't going to be home when it starts.

Spectrum TV® Keeps Kentucky Entertained

Are you ready for maximum home entertainment from a great service provider? Spectrum can deliver the HD programming that Kentuckians want. Did you know that in The Bluegrass State there are more HDTVs than homes? Spectrum can help Kentuckians get the most out of each of them. Your HDTV can hit its maximum entertainment value when you sign up for any of the great specials Spectrum offers.

HD has changed the way we enjoy sports. Once you watch your favorite teams action in HD, you won't ever go back. Customers of Spectrum in Kentucky have at their disposal a variety of specials to save money and as well as to stay on top of all their favorite sports teams.

125+ Channels

60 Mbps
  • Spectrum Speed 100 MBPS
  • Average DSL Speed in Kentucky 16 MBPS

Spectrum Internet® Brings a Better Connection to Kentucky

At the end of 2012, more than 3.9 million people had Spectrum as their provider of high speed Internet. Why, you ask? Well, Spectrum Internet® in Kentucky is blazingly fast, reaching speeds of up to 100 Mbps. Thanks to Powerboost® technology Spectrum Internet® gives you the speeds more than 4 times the national average. Something your DSL provider can't say.

Spectrum Internet service brings you thousands of opportunities to catch live sports each year with programming from ESPN3. Imagine streaming broadcast quality video directly from the Internet while watching your favorite NCAA sporting events throughout the year. You won't miss a second of what goes on no matter how big your family is or how many devices they're using; Spectrum offers the bandwidth to support more devices than anyone else.

Bundles from Spectrum Save You Money

The way to save real money with your cable products in your house is to use bundle offers. When you make the decision to bundle, not only will you end up with one bill instead of multiple ones, you'll cut down on unnecessary bills in your mailbox and join nearly 1,142,713 households in Kentucky who've made the same choice. Spectrum currently has a wide range of promotions designed to assist you in getting the best deals possible on your home phone, cable television, and high speed Internet services, all without a contract!

Save Big

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