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  • 200+ channels available w/ FREE HD channels
  • Download speeds starting at 60 Mbps
  • Unlimited local and long distance calling
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Charter in Michigan

Michiganders Turn to Charter Cable Internet for Speed and Reliability

If you're looking to change your Internet provider, you should know that Charter Internet® is one of the top Internet service providers in the country. One prime reason is the fact that high speed Internet with Charter is ten times faster than DSL, meaning you download pictures, videos, and songs that much faster.

Charter TV

Charter TV® Works with Your Schedule

On Demand with Charter Cable takes care of all your entertainment needs. Not only will you be able to catch up on your favorite shows, you can watch movies or give a new series a shot to see if it's worth checking out in the long term. There's plenty of good programming on cable TV, and Charter Cable gives you the opportunity to enjoy everything there is to see with a great cable package including On Demand.

Charter DVR

Take Control of Your TV with Charter Cable

If you're a NASCAR fan in The Great Lakes State, Charter Cable revs up your cable TV, no matter if you like Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Matt Kenseth, or Carl Edwards. Get a Charter TV® programming package to ensure you'll see every second of the race action, from pit row to the photo finish. Plus, if you add DVR service, you'll be able to grab a snack by pausing live TV, set up your own replays, or record the race to watch later if you aren't home or are just watching something else on TV.

Michigan Turns to Charter TV® for Entertainment

If you want to get the most out of your HDTV with HD programming, then look no farther than Charter Cable in Michigan. Charter has a variety of deals to get you the most bang for your entertainment buck, including HD programming. Over 2,914,824 households in The Great Lakes State choose to include visually appealing HD programming as part of their cable services. If you're a sports fan then you already know how HD has completely altered the way that fans watch sports on television. In fact, once you've seen the Detroit Red Wings play in brilliant HD you may want to trade in your season tickets and start catching the action from your couch! Choose Charter Cable for affordable HD programming and be sure to ask about their many specials in Michigan.

200+ Channels

60 Mbps
  • Charter Cable Speed 60 MBPS
  • Average DSL Speed in Michigan 29 MBPS

Get Faster Internet in Michigan with Charter Internet®

20 Times Faster Than DSL**

Do you need fast Internet service? Then take a look at everything that Charter Internet® offers Michigan residents:

  • Download speeds up to 30 Mbps
  • Powerboost® technology with Charter Internet®
  • ESPN3 with over 3,500 live online sporting events to choose from each year
  • Broadcast quality audio and video with ESPN3
  • High bandwidth for connecting multiple devices in your house with ease

Nearly 4 million people relied on Charter for high speed Internet in 2012, for many of the reasons listed above. For local sports fans, Charter Cable delivers every minute of the action, whether you support an NCAA team, or can't get enough of pro sports.

Save with a Charter Bundle

The way to keep more cash in your pocket each month with your cable products in your house is to use bundle offers. If you make the move to bundle services, not only will you end up with one bill instead of multiple ones, you'll cut down on mail clutter and join nearly 2,565,045 households in Michigan that have done the same thing. There are many different promotions available from Charter Cable which give you money-saving deals on high speed Internet, home phone, and cable TV, without having to make a long term commitment!

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