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Spectrum in Virginia

Spectrum Internet Keeps Virginians Connected

If you have had enough of slow, unreliable Internet speeds, call today and discover the benefits of Spectrum Internet®. One of the leading factors is the speed. Internet from Spectrum is as much as 10 times faster than DSL, delivering you pictures, movies, and music quickly.

Spectrum TV

Control Your TV Schedule with Spectrum TV®

With so many options of shows to watch on cable TV, it only makes sense to ensure that you have the ability to see all of it. With a cable package and On Demand from Spectrum, you'll be good to go. With On Demand services from Spectrum, you'll be able to catch up on shows, avoid commercials, or even tuning in to new shows you've wanted to watch.

Spectrum DVR

Control the Action with Spectrum

If you're a NASCAR fan in The Old Dominion State, Spectrum has you covered, no matter if you like Mark Martin, Matt Kenseth, or Jeff Gordon. Get a Spectrum TV® programming package to ensure you'll see every second of the race action, from the beginning of the race to the very end. With a DVR added to your home theater system, you'll be able to record the race to watch later, pause live action to grab a snack, or re-watch exciting developments as the races unfold.

Virginia Turns to Spectrum TV® for Entertainment

If you're ready for great entertainment from a reliable provider, Spectrum can deliver the HD programming that Virginians want. Did you know that in The Old Dominion State there are more HDTVs than homes? Spectrum can help Virginians get the most out of each of them. Your HDTV can hit its maximum entertainment value if you take advantage of the terrific deals Spectrum offers.

HD has changed the way we enjoy sports. Once you watch your favorite teams action in HD, you won't ever go back to standard def. Customers of Spectrum in Virginia have at their disposal a variety of specials to save money and keep track of what's going on with all your favorite sports teams.

125+ Channels

60 Mbps
  • Spectrum Speed 100 MBPS
  • Average DSL Speed in Virginia 35 MBPS

Spectrum Internet® Delivers a Great Online Experience in Virginia

In 2012, nearly 4 million people had Spectrum as their high speed Internet service provider. The reasons people are choosing Spectrum are clear. Spectrum Internet® in Virginia is extremely reliable and super fast at 100 Mbps. That's 10 times the speed of regular DSL! Technological breakthroughs like Powerboost® give Spectrum Internet® the power it needs to help you get things done without having to wait around for a slow connection.

ESPN3 is included with Spectrum Internet service and that means broadcast quality video for more than 3,500 live sporting events. There's a huge selection of sports online to choose from, including NCAA games, and it all comes streaming to your computer in TV-quality video. With Spectrum you get the bandwidth you need to keep your wireless devices, like smartphones and tablets, connected and surfing at the highest speeds possible.

Bundles from Spectrum Save You Money

The way to save real money with your cable products in your house is to use bundle offers. If you make the move to bundle services, not only will you end up with one bill instead of multiple ones, you'll cut down on mail clutter and join nearly 1,995,965 households in Virginia that have done the same thing. Spectrum currently has a vast array of packages and deals that will help you in getting the best deals possible on your home phone, cable television, and high speed Internet services, all without a contract!

Save Big

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