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  • 200+ channels available w/ FREE HD channels
  • Download speeds starting at 60 Mbps
  • Unlimited local and long distance calling
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Charter in Washington

Get Connected with Charter Cable Internet in Washington

Charter high speed Internet lets you download songs, pictures, and videos ten times faster than DSL. Discover how Charter Internet® has become one of the top ranked Internet service providers in America.

Charter TV

Charter TV® Puts TV on Your Schedule

On Demand with Charter Cable delivers programming on your schedule. Not only will you be able to catch up on your favorite shows, you can watch movies or give a new series a shot to see if it's worth checking out in the long term. Charter Cable makes it easy to check out all the terrific programming on cable TV; all you need to do is sign up for a cable package including On Demand.

Charter DVR

Charter Cable Puts You in Charge

Are you one of Washington's most avid NASCAR fans? Whether your favorite driver is Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kyle Busch, or Martin Truex Jr., Charter Cable will have you covered from green flag to checkered flag with every pit stop in between. For a complete programming package that ensures you'll never miss a photo finish, add a DVR to your choice of cable packages from Charter TV®.

Washington Turns to Charter TV® for Entertainment

HDTV is so popular, more than 1,910,771 Washington households have one. For really great deals on HD service, Charter offers exceptional programming packages to Washington residents. When it comes to delivering the HD programming that Washingtonians are looking for, Charter Cable is the dependable choice.

Any sports fan will tell you HD programming has completely changed the sporting landscape. There's absolutely nothing like watching a Seattle Seahawks game in dazzling HD. Every last detail of the game comes through with live-action clarity, making you feel like you are part of the game. Now, it's easier than ever to stay on top of all the information about your favorite teams and players, thanks to the many specials offered by Charter Cable in Washington.

200+ Channels

60 Mbps
  • Charter Cable Speed 60 MBPS
  • Average DSL Speed in Washington 34 MBPS

Washington Gets a Better Connection with Charter Internet®

20 Times Faster Than DSL**

At the end of 2012, more than 3.9 million people had Charter as their high speed ISP. Why, you ask? Well, Charter Internet® in Washington is blazingly fast, reaching speeds of up to 30 Mbps. That's 10 times the speed of regular DSL! Cutting edge technology like Powerboost® give Charter Internet® the power it needs to help you get things done without the hassles that come with a slow connection.

Charter Internet service gives you access to more than 3,500 live online sporting events each year with programming from ESPN3. Imagine streaming broadcast quality video directly from the Internet while watching your favorite NCAA sporting events throughout the year. You won't miss a second of what goes on no matter how big your family is or how many devices they're using; Charter offers the bandwidth to support more devices than anyone else.

Bundling is Saving with Charter

Make the decision to bundle your cable services and you'll be joining the nearly 1,681,479 Washingtonian homes who have already made that transition. But saving money isn't the only benefit to bundling. It also offers the ease and convenience of handling all your services in a single bill. Look into Charter Cable's promotions to find one that fits your needs, especially if you want to get your phone, TV, and Internet services bundled together in one low payment. Get three great services for one low price, all without contracts.

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