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What to Watch Tool

Enter a few shows you like and find other shows you'll probably like.

walking dead

The Walking Dead: Zombiefied

Experience a day in the life of the walking dead. This interactive comic book details the transformation actors and extras must undergo to become the flesh‒eating walkers on the AMC hit series, "The Walking Dead."

james bonds history

James Bond Timeline

See the guns, cars, and actors that made 007 the world's favorite secret agent.


45 Favorite Dr. Suess Quotes

Relive the best quotes from your favorite books spanning the prolific, 53‒year career of one of history's most beloved authors.


SNL Cast Members Timeline

Saturday Night Live has been a springboard to success for dozens of former cast members. This infographic show you who was on the show at what times, including hosts. It's also sprinkled with fun facts.

Bart Simpson

The Simpson's Chalkboard Quotes

Read the 288 phrases Bart Simpson has repeatedly written on the chalkboard during the opening credits of "The Simpson's." Punishment has never been so funny.


Seinfeld: Festivus Holiday Guide

Celebrate a Festivus for the rest of us with this step‒by‒step guide. From blowing off work to pinning the head of the house in the feats of strength, following these steps may just lead to a Festivus miracle!

sci-fi vs. real-life

Sci‒Fi Ships vs Real Ships

See how your favorite science‒fiction ships and space stations measure up to the ships and space stations that exist today. The scale of some of these vessels is astonishing.

Dr. Who

Dr. Who Timeline

Track the Doctors, Companions, and their major enemies in the Dr. Who saga from the beginning into the modern series.



Discover over a dozen ways tweeting is destroying the world. Just be careful not to bite down on your tongue while it's in your cheek.

Which Harry Potter

Harry Potter: Halloween Costume Chooser

Invited to a Hogwarts' Halloween party and don't know what to go as? Use this handy flow chart to discover which witch you should be.

Relationship Chart

Community: Relationship Chart

While "Community" in the title of the show refers to community college, it also hints at the complex web of relationships among the characters. See those relationships with this convenient chart.