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Spectrum Cable Bundles in California

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  • 125+ HD Channels
  • Up to 100 Mbps Download Speeds
  • Unlimited Calling in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico
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3 Features Spectrum Cable Offers That You Can't Live Without

Start Over

Start Over®

If you miss the start of your favorite show, Start Over lets you start it when you're ready.

Look Back

Caller ID on Your TV

If you'd like Caller ID on your TV, Time Warner Cable has an answer for that too; just bundle your TV and HOme Phone in a package.

Look Back

Look Back®

Go back up to 72 hours on select shows without even setting your DVR with the Look Back feature.

Get the most out of what Spectrum Cable offers with a Bundle

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Enjoy Better TV in California with Time Warner Cable

Start a tradition. Movie Monday, or Tuesday through Friday. Whether you want sports, movies, or just the basics, Time Warner Cable TV is the place to go. There are more channels, Pay-Per-View and On Demand choices with Time Warner Cable California than you'll know what to do with. TWC TV™ even allows you to watch TV on your computer, phone or tablet, as well as manage and schedule your DVR.

Now that you've figured out that your California cable provider is Time Warner Cable, let's go over some details about TV viewing in your area. We bet you didn't know that the average number of hours Americans watch TV in a week is 35. 94% of Californians still watch TV via a traditional screen, so that leaves 6%, or 2,253,274, who watch those 35 hours of TV each week via a smartphone, computer or tablet in addition to their traditional TV set.

What You Want


Combine and Save Money with Time Warner Cable TV Bundles

Are you thinking of bundling your TV, Home Phone and/or Internet services with one company? 66% of California households, or 8,285,618 already do. With a Time Warner Cable bundle deal, you'll have the TV, Internet, and Home Phone services you need, all in one bill. Check your voicemail and manage past messages online with VoiceZone™. Bundle your cable TV with Time Warner Cable Phone service and you'll see caller ID information right on your TV. Surf the Internet without worrying about viruses, Trojans and worms with the Internet Security software included with your Time Warner Cable Internet service. TV and Internet, Internet and Home Phone, any combination of the two or a bundle with all three, Time Warner Cable has bundle options for you.

Only the Best Time Warner Cable Equipment in California

Time Warner Cable presents the most advanced level of equipment. Did you know that 44.6% of California homes, or 5,774,824 have a DVR? That's a 79% increase within the last five years. With Time Warner Cable, you can get the equipment that is right for you, including a Whole House HD-DVR and CableCARD?. Have a number of TV's in various rooms? The Whole House HD-DVR may be the optimal solution for you. Getting kicked off of the couch by your wife and kids won't be a problem; with the multi-room DVR you can pause the game and restart it in the bedroom without ever missing a touchdown. With every cable box, you get access to some unique services like Start Over®, Look Back®, Parental Controls, Pay-Per-View and On Demand.

Cable Equipment


Time Warner Cable California Has What You Need

The whole world knows where to find Soka University of America, and nobody knows better than you where Adam Kennedy and Adam Brody came from. Allow Time Warner Cable to thank the people of California by giving you more ways to enjoy California State University, Bakersfield action and quality programming like 10 Things I Hate About You.

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