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Spectrum Cable Bundles in Florida

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  • 125+ HD Channels
  • Up to 100 Mbps Download Speeds
  • Unlimited Calling in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico
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3 Features Spectrum Cable Offers That You Can't Live Without

Start Over

Start Over®

If you miss the start of your favorite show, Start Over lets you start it when you're ready.

Look Back

Caller ID on Your TV

If you'd like Caller ID on your TV, Time Warner Cable has an answer for that too; just bundle your TV and HOme Phone in a package.

Look Back

Look Back®

Go back up to 72 hours on select shows without even setting your DVR with the Look Back feature.

Get the most out of what Spectrum Cable offers with a Bundle

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TV in Florida Has Never Looked So Good

From basic channels to sports and movies, Time Warner Cable TV has what you want. Pick from over 200 channels and 18,000 On Demand and Pay-Per-View options to watch with Time Warner Cable Florida. TWC TV™ even allows you to watch TV on your computer, phone or tablet, as well as manage and schedule your DVR.

The typical American watches television on a traditional TV, leaving about 6%, or 1,131,692 Floridians who also watch TV on the computer or a mobile device in addition to their television set. With the average time spent watching TV at 35 hours a week, having the flexibility to watch where and when you want is a must.

What You Want


Combine and Save Money with Time Warner Cable TV Bundles

Would you like to bundle your home telecommunication services with a single company? So does 66% of Florida homes. Join these 4,922,341 homes with a Time Warner Cable bundle deal and you'll get the services and features you need in one complete package. Check your voicemail and manage past messages online with VoiceZone™. Bundle your cable TV with Time Warner Cable Phone service and you'll see caller ID information right on your TV. Browse the Internet safely with your Time Warner Cable Internet service and the Internet Security software included with your service. Time Warner Cable has a variety of bundle options to fit your home, including any combination of Home Phone, Internet and TV services.

Modern Time Warner Cable Equipment in Florida

Time Warner Cable offers state-of-the-art equipment. DVR use is up 79% in the last five years, with 44.6% of Florida homes, or 3,430,722 homes, having one. Time Warner Cable has multiple add-on selections for modern televisions, each geared toward making sure you have the most enjoyable viewing experience. If you like the option of watching your favorite shows on your personal computer, tablet and TV set without the use of other equipment, the CableCARD™ would be great for you. Each TV will need a playback box, all of which will be linked with the multi-room DVR. You can pause your favorite show in the living room and restart it in the kitchen without ever missing a plot twist. Parental Controls, On Demand, Pay-Per-View, Start Over® and Look Back® are all exclusive services that each cable box gives you access to.

Cable Equipment


Time Warner Cable Florida Has What You Need

The whole world knows where to find Webber International University, and nobody knows better than you where Andrew Mccutchen and Alexa Vega came from. Allow Time Warner Cable to thank the people of Florida by giving you more ways to enjoy University of Miami action and quality programming like After Dark.

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