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Spectrum Cable Bundles in Erie, PA

  • 200+ HD Channels Available
  • Up to 60 Mbps Download Speeds
  • Unlimited Calling in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico
Starting At $ 89 97 per month for 12 months

Get a Time Warner Cable® bundle in Erie, PA

  • 200+ HD Channels Available
  • Up to 60 Mbps Download Speeds
  • Unlimited Calling in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and U.S. territories
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Packages starting at $ 89 91 per month for 12 months

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Start Over

Start Over®

If you miss the start of your favorite show, Start Over lets you start it when you're ready.

Caller ID on your TV

Caller ID on Your TV

If you'd like Caller ID on your TV, Time Warner Cable has an answer for that too; just bundle your TV and HOme Phone in a package.

Look Back

Look Back®

Go back up to 72 hours on select shows without even setting your DVR with the Look Back feature.

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Erie, PA Residents Can Count on Time Warner Cable for TV

If you live in Erie, PA, then you already know the great news. Time Warner Cable is your cable television and telecommunications provider! If you still watch TV on a traditional screen, you're part of the 94% of Erie residents, or 97,637 people who are still using this technology in Erie. No matter what your TV habits are, there's a bundle perfect for you.

Everyone appreciates the TV programming Time Warner Cable provides in Erie, PA. It doesn't matter if you love the NFL, local programming or movies; there's something for you. There are also features you'll get only from Time Warner Cable, like TWC TV™, where you can log in to manage your DVR recordings and watch TV from your wireless devices.

Time Warner Cable Bundles Save You Money on Monthly Bills

More households are bundling TV, home phone and/or Internet services, and a Time Warner Cable bundle deal is what you need to enjoy the savings too. 66% of the households in Erie, PA are bundling their TV, Internet and home phone service. Which means 68,554 Pennsylvanians in your area bundle two or more services with the same company.

When you bundle your services you'll get unique features like VoiceZone™ that let you manage your voicemail online. Also, you can get caller ID to appear on the TV screen with a Time Warner Cable Phone and TV bundle. Time Warner Cable also has the features you need to combine phone service with cable TV in Erie, PA.

With Time Warner Cable, Your Equipment is Unrivaled

45,702 Erie residents now use a DVR as a part of their home theater setup. You'll love the Whole House HD-DVR from Time Warner Cable. You can even start a movie in one room and finish it in another, without restarting it.

Discover the benefits of Time Warner Cable and get advanced products and services Start Over® and Look Back®.

Erie, PA Time Warner Cable Has Got What You Need

Whether you're a local sports fan in Erie and follow the year round action at Triangle Tech Inc-Erie, love all things television and movie related and follow the career of local actors like Kurt Doss, or crave the excitement of football bowl games or the chance at seeing Gannon University in the tournament, Time Warner Cable has you covered. Get the best in local, regional, and national sports coverage as well as the biggest Hollywood blockbusters, unedited and uncut, right in the comfort of your Erie living room.