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  • Blazing Speeds up to 1000 Mbps available
  • Free Constant Guard® online protection (a $360 value)
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Get Xfinity Internet Anywhere in Your Home with a Wireless Router

With an Xfinity compatible wireless router you have access to your favorite online sites without being tied down to a modem cable. Everyone in the household can have access to the Internet from anywhere in the house. Connect multiple devices to your wireless router such as your desktop computer, laptops, smart phones, and other devices.

Your wireless router will need to be configured once you get it. Xfinity can configure the router for you for a low, one-time fee or you can configure it yourself. To configure a wireless router you have to enter the IP address of the router in a browser window, login, and change the WEP authentication settings. Connecting to the Internet is easy once it is configured. If you are not sure how to do it you may want to let a professional help you out.

Connect Multiple Devices to Your Xfinity Wireless Router

Xfinity from Comcast is the leader in TV, home phone and Internet. Being committed to providing customers with the best services and high-tech equipment, Xfinity makes it easy to wirelessly connect your computers, gaming consoles and PDA's. Watch videos, download files or search the web from anywhere in your house with any Xfinity compatible wireless router.

Make Your Modem Wireless

An Xfinity compatible wireless modem allows you to easily and conveniently share your bandwidth. Xfinity High-Speed Internet from Comcast is powerful enough to accommodate multiple devices, as well as tablets, Internet enabled phones and other wifi devices that all require an Internet connection to operate. Just connect all your devices to a compatible Xfinity wifi router. While an Xfinity compatible modem can easily deliver an Internet connection to any of these devices with a simple Ethernet cable, why not make it easier by sharing your bandwidth with multiple devices wirelessly?

To make your modem wireless so that you can share your Internet connection with all of the devices in your home, you will need to add an Xfinity compatible wireless router to your modem. The modem and wireless router provide you with a lightning-fast connection (up to 105Mbps) that will allow you to access your Internet connection on your TV, phone, computer, and any other web-enabled device to surf the Internet, stream movies, and download music quickly and conveniently, all at the same time. Xfinity compatible wireless modems are easily encrypted so that only people with the password can access your network--ensuring that your connection stays as fast as possible.

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