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Why Cable TV

If you are looking for affordable entertainment in Baltimore, MD, choose cable TV. Whether you watch dramas, comedies, sitcoms, news reports, cooking shows or documentaries, you will find programming that entertains you on cable. It offers hundreds of all-digital channels, HD programs, movies and On Demand titles, for hours of entertainment. And cable TV is available in bundles with high-speed Internet . Cable offers Internet that is faster than DSL, and installation that is easier than satellite. Plus cable is:

  • Watchable

    Cable TV offers more HD choices.

  • Reliable

    Snow may mess up satellite, but it doesn't faze cable.

  • Accessible

    Cable can be installed virtually anywhere.

Watching Cable TV in Baltimore, MD

There are so many reasons to get cable TV in Baltimore, MD. In Baltimore there are an approximate 837,898 televisions owned by only 209,474 people. That is because Cable TV is easy to connect to multiple TV sets. Cable TV viewers also watch a lot of DVR content. Since 2006, DVR viewership has increased from 2.2% to 7% of all Americans TV watching. However, 526,860 people in Baltimore still watch regularly broadcast programming. And 72% of Americans bundle their cable TV and Internet. Additionally, about half of TV viewers in the U.S. stream some TV content online. That makes 457,035 people in Baltimore who have bundled subscriptions, and 304,690 who use their Internet to watch TV.

Why Choose Cable Internet in Baltimore

Here are two reasons why you should get cable Internet and bundle it with TV. First off, a cable bundle typically saves customers about $400 per year. And then there are the faster speeds that come with cable Internet - around 4.5 Mbps above the median national broadband speed. Those are two reasons why there are 203,127 cable Internet users in Baltimore and why total broadband penetration increased to 469,731 households from 444,340 in 2009.'s Favorite Baltimore Actors

While we do have a particular penchant for data, also loves TV actors. Were you aware that a number of great TV stars got their start here? Most notably, if we can name drop for a second, is Ben Bass, star of "Forever Knight." But wait. There's more:

  • Bess Armstrong
  • Brendan Hines
  • Carolyn Lawrence
  • Charles S. Dutton
  • Damon Evans
  • David Hasselhoff
  • Dwight Schultz
  • Jameson Parker
  • Kevin Chamberlin
  • Lance Reddick

Find Your Cable Provider

You can probably tell now that we know about television like the Kardashians know cashing in on weddings. That being said, our knowledge includes finding you the best cable option in your area. Local governments license out the opportunity to provide cable service in a region, and these regions typically only allow one provider, so cable companies generally don't overlap in the same area. Call us today to get connected with your Baltimore cable provider.