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Phone It's easy to get cable. Call 1-866-921-5828

Why Cable TV

At we love helping people order cable in Missouri. Here are a few reasons cable service comes highly recommended. You get hours of entertainment; there are hundreds of HD channels, movies and On Demand programs to choose from. There is less equipment to install than with satellite TV. It bundles with high-speed internet for one small monthly bill. And when you bundle, you can save up to $400 a year. Plus cable is:




Cable TV offersmore HD choices

Snow may mess up satellite, but itdoesn't faze cable

Cable can beinstalled virtually anywhere

TV Use in Missouri

Here at we know quite a bit about television. For example, did you know that 90% of American consumers subscribe to a TV service like cable? In addition to paying for TV, 72% of U.S. subscribers bundle high-speed Internet with their TV service. Missouri's population is 5,943,985, which means that close to 5,349,587 Missourians subscribe to TV broadcasting and 4,279,669 have a bundled subscription. Even though nearly 2,853,113 Missourians now watch Hulu and Netflix, only 416,079 people in Missouri use a DVR.

Internet in The Show-Me State

TV shows like to feature buddies, friends and partners. TV service isn't much different. Cable TV and Internet in Missouri are almost always together. High-speed Internet service grew from 3,388,071 people in 2009 to 3,804,150 people in 2010. Missouri ranks 36 in the nation in Internet speed but 55% of Missouri households still have downstream speeds of 4 Mbps or less. Cable Internet is blazing fast with 5-10 Mbps downstream speeds, and accounts for 32% of Missouri's webgoing population, or about 1,902,075 Missourians.

Phone It's easy to get cable, Call 1-866-921-5828

TV Stars and Missouri

Missouri cable TV is also about actors. At we know about actors as well. Which is great if you live in Missouri. Did you know all of these actors were born here?:

  • Alice Ghostley from "The Julie Andrews Hour" was born in Vernon County
  • Allan Melvin from "The Magilla Gorilla Show" was born in Kansas City
  • Anita Barone from "The War At Home" was born in St. Louis
  • Anthony Cistaro from "Witchblade" was born in Kirksville
  • Barney Phillips from "Johnny Midnight" was born in St. Louis
  • Bert Convy from "The Snoop Sisters" was born in St. Louis
  • Betty Garrett from "Laverne & Shirley" was born in Saint Joseph
  • Betty Lynn from "Where's Raymond?" was born in Kansas City

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