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Why Cable TV

The team here at put together their favorite reasons for choosing cable service in Utah. It gives you hundreds of HD channels, movies and On Demand titles. Cable service is more reliable, never going out in bad weather; it's also more affordable, with less equipment required. Cable TV bundles with high-speed Internet, so you only pay one low monthly bill for both services. Bundles can even save you up to $400 a year. Plus cable is:




Cable TV offersmore HD choices

Snow may mess up satellite, but itdoesn't faze cable

Cable can beinstalled virtually anywhere

TV Use in Utah

If you're as interested in cable TV in Utah as Sgt. Joe Friday is interested in "just the facts, ma'am," we're glad you're here. Here at, we love talking TV. Here's a juicy stat: 3/4 of all cable TV subscribers get their TV bundles with either phone or Internet. And according to Nielsen, while half of all TV viewers stream video online, almost 97% of people watch regularly broadcast television. And the number of people now watching programming recorded to their DVRs is 7%.

So what does all this mean for The Beehive State?

  • 2,468,988 Utahns have a subscription to TV broadcasting.
  • There are 1,975,190 people in Utah with a bundled subscription to high-speed Internet and TV.
  • 2,661,020 Utahns still watch traditional television.
  • 1,316,794 living in Utah are watching TV on Hulu, Netflix, and similar services.
  • 2,276,956 Utahns still watch TV live.

Utah High Speed Internet

Like the stars of any good buddy series, cable TV and Internet in Utah are almost always together. High-speed Internet is now in 80% of homes in this state, up from 73% the year before. According to, Utah is number 39 in the nation in terms of Internet speeds. That includes the 56% who fall below 4 Mbps download speeds. Cable Internet is blazing fast with 5-10 Mbps downstream speeds, and accounts for 32% of Utah's webgoing population, or about 877,862 Utahns.

Phone It's easy to get cable, Call 1-866-921-5828

TV Actors From Utah

That's not all there is to know about Utah cable TV. The crew also loves actors. There have been many well-known TV actors who were born right here in Utah:

  • Amanda Righetti from "North Shore" was born in St. George
  • Christine Cavanaugh from "Rugrats" was born in Salt Lake City
  • Corbin Allred from "Teen Angel" was born in Salt Lake City
  • Donny Osmond from "The Paul Lynde Halloween Special" was born in Ogden
  • Patricia Ann Priest from "The Munsters" was born in Bountiful
  • James Morrison from "Space Above And Beyond" was born in Bountiful
  • James Woods from "Shark" was born in Vernal
  • Jason Davis from "Recess" was born in Salt Lake City

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