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Why Cable TV loves everything about cable TV in Ogden. Here are some reasons why we think you will too. Cable service is reliable; cable doesn't drop out in bad weather. With hundreds of HD channels, movies and On Demand titles, there is always something entertaining to watch. Cable TV is easier to install; it requires less equipment than satellite. Several providers offer specials like free equipment and convenient bundles with high-speed Internet and digital cable for a smaller fee each month. Plus cable is:

  • Watchable

    Cable TV offers more HD choices.

  • Reliable

    Snow may mess up satellite, but it doesn't faze cable.

  • Accessible

    Cable can be installed virtually anywhere.

Watching Cable TV in Ogden, UT

Looking at national trends helps us get a picture of cable TV in Ogden, UT. Nearly 33% of U.S. residents own at least four televisions, about 50% of them stream television shows online, and 97% watch their favorite TV shows as they are broadcast. Because so many people use both television and Internet, it is no surprise that 72% of Americans bundle their cable and Internet subscriptions. For the 82,787 people in Ogden, those stats equate to:

  • 27,320 owners of at least 4 TV's
  • 39,738 using the Internet to watch TV shows
  • 80,303 who do just fine with a traditional TV, thank you
  • 59,607 smart folks, a.k.a the cable bundlers
  • 68,713 Ogden residents confined to network air dates and times.

About Ogden Cable Internet

Cable Internet offers Ogden residents two great benefits: savings and speed. People who bundle their cable Internet and TV tend to save roughly $400 per year. Additionally, cable Internet is fast--2-7 Mbps faster than the national median downstream speed. It's no wonder that 26,492 Ogden residents choose cable Internet, and that there are now 66,230 homes here with broadband access. A 7% increase from 2009. Loves Ogden, UT Actors

In addition to DVR popularity and bundle percentages, at, we also know which TV actors were born here. Were you aware that R. D. Call, from "Golden Years," was born here in 1950? Call moved on from here after making a debut in 1977, but Ogden will always be a home for R. D..

Find Your Cable Provider

You can probably tell we know cable TV like Tony Soprano knows a shrinks couch. That's why we can match you with the right cable provider, which isn't as bigheaded as it sounds. Local governments license the ability to provide cable service in a region, and these regions typically only allow one provider, so cable companies generally don't overlap in the same geographical area. Enter your zip code above to find your Ogden cable provider.