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Spooky season is upon us. Let the #Bloodstream commence!

Here at, spooky is less of a phase and more of a bloody way of life. We summon our inner demons to give our readers the best in horror all year long.

Scroll down, if you dare, to see more of our chilling content, a haunted house littered with blood-curdling movie and show recommendations, nefariously niche streaming service reviews, and more.

Oh, and we even have spooky recommendations for kiddos that won’t turn them into children of the corn.

Let the #Bloodstream commence!

Your Guide to Horror and Halloween

Recommendations from hell . . . and back

Halloween's Michael Myers and the best new horror movies of 2021

Best New Horror Movies

We love a new thrill just like the next psycho, and every year our horror experts round up the best new chills coming out of Hollywood.

Not only that but, we also show you how to watch these latest perversions of cinema, so you don’t get caught in an endless web of googling and clicking.

Best horror movies to stream

Best Horror Movies to Stream

No, cord-cutting isn’t some new and spectacular kill from the mind of James Wan, it’s the most convenient way to watch horror movies.

Check out our list of the best horror movies you can stream right now from the (dis)comfort of your couch.

Best Halloween Movies

Best Halloween Movies

Halloween season is our favorite time of the year (shhhh, don’t tell Christmas and Hanukkah). What better way to feel the spooky vibes than to watch the best movies that actually take place on Halloween!

We love us some Michael Myers, don’t get us wrong, but we also have some surprise recs that’ll have you wondering, “What in the blue blazes is the circus doing here in these parts?”'s Bloodstream trivia contest

Screams you can stream

Not looking to add another streaming subscription to your vault of horrors? No sweat, we’ve got the raunchy recs from heck for a ton of popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Tubi.

Bored of the same ole schlock on the big N? We can help you there, too. Our experts haunt the internet looking for free streaming options and the best streaming services for horror fans.

Top horror streaming services

Shudder logo
Full Moon Features logo
Screambox logo
List of 31 movies to watch in October on Shudder
31 movies to watch in October on Full Moon Features
31 horror movies to watch in October on Screambox
Tubi logo
Arrow Player logo
Night Flight Plus logo
List of 31 horror movies to watch in October on Tubi
List of 31 horror movies to watch in October on Arrow
List of 31 horror movies to watch in October on Night Flight Plus

Gory goods for ghouls

Our experts know the depths of depravity (don’t let the nice-guy demeanor fool ya), so we like to get into the goriest of the gore.

Check out our recommendations for everything from cannibal movie night to trauma on screen you’ll never unsee.

For those truly on a quest for the grossest of the gross, check out our gory guide to The Nastiest Movies on Tubi.

Spooky content for kids

Kids movies can be plenty scary, too. (Don’t sleep on a Disney Classic!)

For those of a more sensitive disposition, we’ve got recommendations for you as well.

Hocus Pocus 2 is out this October! Learn how to watch it with our comprehensive guide.

Spooky shows you can sing along to

Tighten your Frank-N-Furter corsets and dust off those sparkly gold briefs, cuz RHPS is back with live-cast showings in a lot of towns this Halloween! (Well, how ’bout that.)

Can’t make it out to the theater but want to sing along from home? Peep our short guide to spooky musicals you can stream.

More tricky treats

Every Halloween season we like to serve up everything from trivia contests to dream jobs to zombie-apocalypse know-how.

This October, follow us on Twitter to get the hookup from the scream queens over at Full Moon Features.

And don’t forget to tag your pestilent posts with #Bloodstream, so we can spread the spooky love (or hate if you will) all season long.

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