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Best TV & Internet Bundles and Deals

Best TV and Internet Deals for September 2023

by | Sep 21, 2023 | Best Of, Reviews

We’ve done the digging and rounded up some of the best bundles deals you’ll find anywhere on cable and internet service, so you can kick back and enjoy your reasonably priced entertainment without worrying about whether you’re getting your money’s worth.

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HGTV logo inside a TV

How to Watch HGTV: Channels, Streaming, and More

by | | Best Of, Reviews

These days, watching HGTV without cable is a breeze. You’ll still have to pay to get a reliable HGTV stream, but you can usually get a streaming service package for less than a typical cable package.

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How To Watch the Trump Trials

by | | Entertainment

To quote ZZ Top, he’s bad, he’s nationwide: Former U.S. President Donald Trump is facing four legal trials in as many states in the election year of 2024, with more likely to come. The Trump Trial Tour: coming to a courthouse near you. The biggest question, at least for the citizens of the Republic of, is, “Will the trials be on TV?”

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The Best Spooky Movies on Disney Plus

by | | Entertainment

Disney+ offers a deliciously ghoulish array of Halloween treats for the whole family, and we’ve compiled some of our favorites.

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Basic Cable Packages and Channels Guide 2023

by | | TV FAQs

Our experts spent hundreds of hours looking into basic cable, how to get it, and whether or not it’s actually worth your money.

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What to watch this week graphic

What to Watch This Weekend | September 21–24

by | | Entertainment

This week’s What to Watch picks include the return of American Horror Story, a spinoff from the John Wick universe, and the newest animated show from Rick and Morty’s Dan Harmon. Find your coziest blanket, and let’s get to watching.

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How To Watch the NBA 2023–2024: Streaming, Cable, and More

by | Sep 20, 2023 | Entertainment

Whether you’re looking for a traditional TV package or a streaming alternative, there are multiple ways to watch your favorite NBA team this season.

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NBA League Pass Review

NBA League Pass Review 2023

by | | Entertainment, Reviews

NBA League Pass features live games and replays from the world’s premier basketball league, and we’ve spent over 50 hours of hands-on testing and research to determine if it’s a slam dunk for NBA fans.

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The Top 10 Most Disturbing Moments in Kids Movies

The Top 10 Most Disturbing Moments in Kids Movies, Ranked

by | | Entertainment

You might think kids movies would be tamer than their adult counterparts, but they still find a way to get a little spooky now and then.

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Hallmark and Lifetime Xmas Movies

Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas Movies 2023

by | | Entertainment

It’s not even Halloween yet, and we’re talking about Christmas movies? You bet your ascot we are. Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas marathon kicks off on October 20, and Lifetime’s It’s a Wonderful Lifetime celebration begins in November—it’s time to make a list and check it twice.

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