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Here at, we make the search for TV and internet in your area easy so you can fast-forward to the fun part—having TV and internet.

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Your favorite shows and movies are chilling out on cable TV, satellite TV, and online streaming services. We’ll break down all these TV options so you can find your favorite way to tune in.

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You deserve internet with fast download speeds and tons of data—at a great price. We research and review every major internet provider in the US so your home Wi-Fi will rock.

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At first glance, all your cable TV and internet options may seem overwhelming. But once you see which providers are in your area, it’s easy to compare them head-to-head.

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We’re here to help you binge-watch TV and surf the internet better. That’s why we’ve got the hook up on the best universal remotes, streaming devices, mesh Wi-Fi, and more.

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We’ve got the deets on every major TV and internet provider in the US. Read some of our expert reviews to see 
which one is right for you.

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Certain questions are easy to answer if you’ve got the right tool for the job. Spare yourself the elbow grease—our toolbox is ready for you, neighbor.


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No need to channel surf—you can find the perfect show for your tastes with the help of our TV show algorithm. It’s like a mystical TV mind reader.

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How far should your couch be from your TV?

Listen, this might sound silly, but how you position your TV totally affects its visibility—and your comfort. Now you don’t have to go blind like your mother warned, all thanks to our TV distance calculator.

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We research so you don't have to

No one here expects you to know everything about TV and internet—that’s our job. So let our team of experts guide you to the best services and products out there.

Check Out Our Head-to-head Comparisons

Sling vs Youtube TV

Sling TV vs. YouTube TV

May 13, 2024

Sling TV offers a good deal for an affordable price—its packages have some flexibility, and its largest package is still cheaper than YouTube TV. But YouTube TV offers more channels and unlimited cloud DVR storage space, so in many ways, you really do get what you pay for.

Xfinity vs AT&T

Xfinity vs. AT&T Internet: Comparing Speeds, Pricing, Deals, And More

Jul 10, 2024

When the competition is AT&T Fiber vs. Xfinity Internet, we say AT&T is better than Xfinity. While our recent customer satisfaction survey put AT&T Fiber and Xfinity Internet on equal footing for reliability, you’ll get faster speeds if you go with AT&T Fiber.


DISH vs. DIRECTV: Cost, Plans, and More

Jul 12, 2024

DISH and DIRECTV square off in this match-up of satellite TV titans. Get the pros and cons of TV service from DISH vs DIRECTV in an unbiased comparison from Spoiler alert: we give the edge to DISH.

Our Editor's Choice Awards Connect You to the Best of the Best

Best TV Service Providers for 2024: Plans, Prices, and More

Jul 11, 2024 wants you to live your best life on the couch. And if you’re gonna do that, you need to know which TV provider is the best for your lifestyle and needs. Which is the best value, or the cheapest? And which is the best overall?

Get the best streaming service for you

Best Streaming Services 2024: Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and More

Jul 18, 2024

If you already have Netflix or want to add another quality video streaming service, we also love Disney+ for families and HBO Max for original content. But we don’t stop there. Keep reading to find the best on-demand streaming service for you.

Best Internet Providers in Your Area

Jun 14, 2024

Whether you’re looking for the absolute best internet service or the fastest home internet, we’ve got you covered with five recommendations for the best internet providers.

Let's start watching!

Super fans, rejoice! Our TV guides help you watch the entertainment you’re passionate about, whether that’s pro football, live news, or streaming originals.

How to Watch the Tour de France

How To Watch the Tour de France in 2024

Jul 1, 2024

The Tour de France pedals onto TV every July—showcasing the world’s greatest road cyclists. We outlined the best ways to watch Le Tour so you don’t miss a single stage along this year’s race.

MLB logo with MLB team logos in the background

How To Watch MLB Games in 2024

May 17, 2024

America’s pastime is back, and our sports experts researched and tested the best TV services for watching Major League Baseball games this season.

How To Watch Upcoming Awards Shows 2024

Jul 15, 2024

Catch your favorite show, film, or musician with our list of upcoming awards shows. If something’s listed as TBD, don’t sweat it—we’ll update as soon as we get more information about that event.

How to watch upcoming sports events

How To Watch Upcoming Sports Events in 2024

Jun 13, 2024

Experience the thrills and chills of every major sports event in 2024 with our regularly-updated TV sports schedule.

How to Watch Live TV News for Free: ABC, CBS, FOX News, NBC, and More

Jun 28, 2024

Life comes at you fast—news comes even faster. Luckily, there are a ton of live TV news channels, like ABC, CBS, FOX News, NBC, and more, available for you to watch and stream for free.

An enthusiastic catgirl and her friends.

New Anime Simulcasts Summer 2024: Crunchyroll, Hulu, and More

Jul 8, 2024

It’s time for the Summer 2024 anime season—find your next obsession with our guide to this season’s hottest new and returning titles.

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