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Why Cable TV

If you want to know why we here at highly recommend cable in North Dakota, here are a few reasons why. You get hours of entertainment. There are hundreds of HD channels, movies and On Demand titles always available. With less equipment and fewer weather-related interruptions, cable is a better value than satellite. And it easily bundles with high-speed Internet for faster billing and more savings. Plus cable is:

  • Watchable

    Cable TV offers more HD choices.

  • Reliable

    Snow may mess up satellite, but it doesn't faze cable.

  • Accessible

    Cable can be installed virtually anywhere.

Cable TV in North Dakota

The team knows a lot about TV, such as 90% of households subscribe to a TV service like cable TV. And of those subscriptions, 72% choose to bundle their TV with Internet. North Dakota's population is 641,566, which means that close to 577,409 North Dakotans subscribe to TV broadcasting and 461,928 have a bundled subscription. Even though nearly 307,952 North Dakotans now watch Hulu and Netflix, only 44,910 people in North Dakota use a DVR.

Cable Internet in North Dakota

As we said, 461,928 people have cable TV and Internet in North Dakota. And broadband usage is still growing. The Peace Garden State ranks 34 in the U.S. in Internet speeds, and here are some other interesting internet facts:

  • 32% have cable Internet
  • 57% have speeds below 4 Mbps
  • 1% have speeds above 25 Mbps

Watch North Dakota Actors on Cable TV

There's more to North Dakota cable TV than numbers. And the team is well aware. That's why collected information on popular TV actors. There are so many actors who call North Dakota home, here are just a few:

  • Shadoe Stevens of "Dave's World"
  • Alan Ritchson of Blue Mountain State
  • Angie Dickinson of Police Woman
  • Ann Sothern of Fol-de-rol
  • Josh Duhamel of Las Vegas
  • Leslie Bibb of Line Of Fire
  • Natalie West of Roseanne

Find Your Cable Provider

We are passionate about television, if you couldn't tell. We know digital cable TV like Peter Griffin knows cutaways, and we're here to help you find a cable provider. Most service areas only have one cable provider. Local governments take care of the licensing, and usually only allow one provider in a given area. Put your zip code in the box below to see who provides cable in your part of North Dakota.