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Cox TV Review: Packages, Pricing, and More

Cox’s TV plans are adequate, but they’re better in bundles

Channel count: 75–140

Price: $25.00–$69.99

Are Cox TV plans good?

Cox may have begun as a cable TV company way back in the 1960s, but in 2020, it’s better at delivering bundles than channels. If you’re looking for a standalone TV plan, Cox offers only one worth paying for; the better values lie in bundling with internet service.


  • Excellent DVR
  • Inexpensive add-on packages


  • Limited channel counts
  • Limited standalone TV options

Best Cox TV packages

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PackagePriceChannel count
Best standalone TV package
Contour TV
$69.99/mo.*140+View plans
Best TV + internet bundle
Bronze Duo
$89.99/mo.†140+View plans

*For 12 mos. †For first 12 mos. with 2-yr. service agreement.

Cox’s TV-only Contour plan gives you a decent range of popular cable networks, even if the 140+ channel count is a bit misleading (more on that in a minute).

For an extra $20 a month, you can bundle it with high-speed cable internet service, which isn’t a bad deal at all—especially if you’re in an area with limited providers.

Cox TV plans and pricing

Cox TV-only packages

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PackagePriceChannel count
Starter TV
$25/mo. 75+View plans
Contour TV$69.99/mo.*140+View plans

*For 12 mos. Data effective as of 05/26/2020. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

About Cox’s channel counts: they’re inflated with local TV stations, shopping networks, and a boatload of Music Choice “radio” channels (50 to be exact). So while Contour offers a decent array of cable staples, the Starter TV package is a complete non-starter—you’d be better off buying an over-the-air antenna than paying Cox for channels you can easily get free elsewhere.

The Contour plan comes with either a basic non-DVR HD receiver (an extra $10.00/mo. rental) or the choice of a Record 2 DVR/receiver ($12.99/mo.) or a Record 6 DVR receiver ($19.99/mo.).

The Record 2 can record two shows at once and store 100 hours of HD programming; the Record 6 can record—you guessed it—six shows simultaneously and store 250 HD hours.

Cox TV + internet packages

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PackagePriceChannel countDownload speeds up to
Bronze Duo$109.99/mo.†140+150 MbpsView plans
Silver Duo$129.99/mo.†140+300 MbpsView plans
Silver Duo with Gigablast
$149.99/mo.†170+940 MbpsView plans
Gold Duo$149.99/mo.†250+300 MbpsView plans
Platinum Duo$179.99/mo.‡250+940 MbpsView plans

†For first 12 mos. with 2-year service agreement. ‡ For 24 mos. with 2-yr. service agreement. Data effective as of 05/26/2020. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Cox offers some impressive internet download speeds, but we like the low-priced Bronze Bundle. It gives you most of the popular channels (which can be built upon with Cox’s various add-on channel packages) and plenty of internet speed (150 Mbps) to handle a household with multiple surfers and streamers.

Cox TV deals and promotions

Cox offers service plans, not contracts, so it’s easy to make changes to your packages without incurring extra fees. You can also cancel service within 30 days without being charged an early-cancellation fee.

Our final take on Cox TV packages

Cox’s TV service is standard-issue cable fare: it covers the basics, but if you want more, it’ll cost you—and its prices are a little on the high side to begin with.

We wouldn’t recommend Cox as a standalone TV provider; bundles are the smarter way to go with this company. You’ll get excellent internet service, which you can use to supplement your cable-channel selection with streaming TV services like Netflix and Hulu.


Can I watch Cox TV on mobile devices?

You can watch live and on-demand Cox TV content through the Contour app, available for iOS and Android on phones, tablets, and computers. You can also use network-specific apps for free with your Cox account info.

Does Cox TV offer add-on channel packages?

In addition to premium channels like HBO® and SHOWTIME®, Cox offers five multi-channel packages: Variety Pak (15 entertainment channels for $12/mo.), Movie Pak (10 film-centric channels for $12/mo.), Sports & Information Pak (14 news and sports channels for $10/mo.), Sports Pak 2 (nine more sports channels for $10/mo.), and Latino Pak (10 Spanish channels for $10/mo.).

Does the Cox Contour DVR/receiver include streaming apps?

Cox’s Contour DVR/receiver comes with several streaming apps installed, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Pandora, YouTube, Tubi, and a few others. Most require internet service (because streaming) and will count toward your internet plan’s data usage.

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