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How We Rank

Find out how we rank, rate, and test services and products featured on

Because TV and internet stuff is important to us, we take our methodologies seriously (please disregard our frivolous use of the word “stuff”). We base our reviews and ratings on a unique blend of hard data and qualitative analysis.

Read on to see how exactly we rate and test (i.e. have fun with) the services and products featured on our site.

Customer satisfaction surveys

Every year, we send out comprehensive customer satisfaction surveys that rate TV, streaming, and internet providers.

We do this because we want to know what actual customers think (what a concept) about everything from their bill to their channel lineup.

Editor’s Choice awards

Every Editor’s Choice award is determined by crunching data and debating what the numbers mean as a team of experts.

We like to think that this is where our TV and internet geekiness really shines. Below, we break down what we take into account for each service we review on the site.

TV and streaming

Best overall is based on pricing, number of channels, popularity of channels, on-demand content, original content, simultaneous viewing, DVR storage, and customer satisfaction.

Best value takes into account price per channel and channel popularity.

Cheapest is, well, the cheapest you can get—don’t overthink it, pal.

Best for sports is determined by the number of popular sports networks, simultaneous viewing, and interface experience.

Best for families looks at family-friendly live channels, on-demand content, and parental control settings.


Best overall takes into account price, download speeds, upload speeds, availability, and customer satisfaction.

Fastest goes to the provider with the fastest download speeds available (duh).

Cheapest factors in price, download speeds, and data caps.

Best for performance looks at plans 940 Mbps and above with unlimited data caps, high customer satisfaction, and low cost per month.

Best no-contract evaluates no-contract plans with a low cost, high customer satisfaction, usable data caps, and contract buyout plans.

Check out our annual Editor’s Choice awards

Editorial star ratings

You may have noticed that we provide editorial star ratings for every service and product that we review on our site.

What you probably don’t know is that we use a method called attributive star ratings because it gives us a mad-scientist kind of air (“What a filthy job”). 

All our Young Frankenstein love aside, attributive star ratings are quite easy to understand.

Attributive star ratings explained

Our experts rate every service and product according to four categories, then average the score to get the overall score. 

Then we evaluate the scores and debate them as an editorial team, settling on a score that puts it in context with other similar services and products. Bada bing, bada boom!

Editorial star rating attributes

Bang for your buck

(way too expensive) 1 —– 2 —– 3 (okay for the price) —– 4 —– 5 (excellent for the price)


(frequent issues) 1 —– 2 —– 3 (some issues) —– 4 —– 5 (no issues)


(only essentials) 1 —– 2 —– 3 (some advanced) —– 4 —– 5 (advanced)

Customer satisfaction

(all negative) 1 —– 2 —– 3 (mixed) —– 4 —– 5 (all positive)

Hands-on testing

In addition to awards and ratings, we test many of the services and products featured on our site in order to collect qualitative data.* 

This helps us flesh out what to expect from a service or product by evaluating everything from user interfaces to signal strength in real-time.

*Our goal is to test every service and product, but sometimes it’s hard to get our hands on certain services because of price, availability, or location. 

We do hands-on testing on these:

  • TV services
  • Streaming services
  • Internet services
  • Streaming devices
  • Remotes
  • Modems and routers
  • Powerline adapters
  • And more

Editorial oversight

Even though we like to have a little fun and get a little sassy (Sophia Petrillo from The Golden Girls would be proud), we feel it is our duty to be fair and ethical. 

That’s why our team of writers, editors, and compliance specialists ensure that all pricing, contract information, specs and features, and any other relevant information is up to date. 

We also fact-check claims and gut-check editorial insights, so that our readers get a more complete understanding of the services and products on our site.

Meet our expert editorial staff

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