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Optimum Internet Plans, Speeds, and Prices

  • Fiber internet speeds up to 5,000 Mbps
  • Free Gateway 6 and Wi-Fi extender
  • Free Prepaid Mastercard® up to $200 with sign up

Optimum internet plans starting at


Optimum Internet

Popular Optimum internet plans

Here’s a high-level view of what you’ll get with three of Optimum’s most popular internet plans.

Optimum 300 Mbps


  • Great for small households w/ basic internet needs
  • Free modem/router combo and Wi-Fi extender
  • No contract

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Optimum 500 Mbps


  • Great for larger households w/ tons of devices
  • Free modem/router combo and Wi-Fi extender
  • No contract

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Optimum 5 Gig


  • Great for households w/ multiple gamers and/or content creators
  • Free modem/router combo and Wi-Fi extender
  • No contract

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Optimum deals and bundle offers


Looking for low-cost home internet service? Optimum’s TV and internet bundles offer large channel lineups and great hardware, such as the Optimum Stream TV box, which includes over 50 free TV channels and preinstalled apps like Netflix that you can also sign up for.

Get discounts on Optimum internet deals and mobile bundles with a two-year price guarantee and get up to $300 worth of free gifts.

Not only that, but Optimum mobile plans include large data caps, 5G coverage, and cheaper monthly rates than nationwide wireless providers like AT&T and Verizon.

Check out our Optimum deals page for more details.

Optimum’s $500 buyout offer

If you want to switch to Optimum from another service, take advantage of its contract buyout offer—up to $500 can be used to ease the transition.

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Free $200 gift card

Get up to a $200 Prepaid Mastercard® when you sign up for select Optimum internet plans. Terms and conditions apply.

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Compare more Optimum internet plans

Plans Monthly price* Download speeds up to Upload speeds up to Connection type
Optimum 300 $40.00/mo. 300 Mbps 20 Mbps Cable
Optimum 500 $60.00/mo. 500 Mbps 20 Mbps Cable
Optimum 1 Gig Internet $80.00/mo. 940 Mbps 35 Mbps Cable
Fiber Internet 300 $40.00/mo. 300 Mbps 300 Mbps Fiber
Fiber Internet 500 $60.00/mo. 500 Mbps 500 Mbps Fiber
Fiber Internet 1 Gig $80.00/mo. 940 Mbps 940 Mbps Fiber
Fiber Internet 2 Gig $100.00/mo. 2,000 Mbps 2,000 Mbps Fiber
Fiber Internet 5 Gig $180.00/mo. 5,000 Mbps 5,000 Mbps Fiber

Data effective as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.
* for 1 yr. Plus taxes, equip. charges and fees.

Optimum internet features

Optimum has two types of internet: Optimum fiber and Optimum cable internet.

If your neighborhood has Optimum fiber coverage, you’ll get Optimum’s best download speeds up to 5,000 Mbps. Fiber internet also comes with equal upload and download speeds, so you’ll have zero wait times during video calls or Google Drive transfer sessions.

If your house gets only Optimum cable internet, you’ll still have fast internet speeds that’ll be more than enough for your entire household.

Optimum internet plans come with benefits beyond fast download speeds. Let’s break down a few of Optimum’s best features.

Graphic of dollar sign

No contracts

Get internet on your terms with Optimum’s no-contract internet service.

If you need to cancel service at any time, you won’t be hit with expensive early termination fees.

Wifi icon

Optimum Wi-Fi hotspots

If you need internet access while you’re out and about, Optimum’s nationwide Wi-Fi Hotspot network has you covered.

Optimum internet subscribers get free access to more than two million Optimum Wi-Fi access points in locations like parks and coffee shops.

Cloud download icon

No data caps

Stream 4K video and download games to your heart’s content thanks to Optimum’s unlimited data policy.

With an Optimum internet plan, you won’t have to worry about hitting your data cap and dealing with expensive overage fees if your family uses too much internet for the month. Optimum fiber and cable internet customers can download and upload files without having to constantly monitor their data usage.

Lock with checkmark icon

Internet security

Protect your home internet from phishing, hackers, and online threats with Optimum’s McAfee-powered internet security tools.

optimum gateway 6 modem router

Get a free Optimum Gateway 6 modem/router

Optimum fiber and cable internet plans come with a free Gateway 6 combo modem/Wi-Fi router. Once you install the Gateway 6, your home will have an Optimum Wi-Fi network that’s ready for any TVs, smartphones, or computers.

If your home struggles with Wi-Fi dead zones, you can also get a free Optimum Wi-Fi extender. Wi-Fi extenders improve your Wi-Fi router’s coverage, and they’ll work best if you have a large multi-story home.

See what the editors think of Optimum internet

In our opinion, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better deal than Optimum internet, especially one without contracts, data caps, or early termination fees.

For those considering Optimum, particularly in fiber areas, the service promises symmetrical upload and download speeds, enhancing activities like video conferencing.

But it’s worth noting that customer satisfaction is a concern, as Optimum has scored relatively low in that area despite its high marks for affordability and features.

In our annual Internet Customer Satisfaction Survey, customers relayed that Optimum shines in providing great value and solid features, scoring 4.40 and 4.00, respectively. Yet, it struggles with reliability and customer satisfaction, which received lower scores.

All that said, if you have any of our Editor’s Choice Award winners, like Google Fiber or AT&T, in your area, we say skip Optimum and get a higher-quality plan.


  • Affordable internet plans
  • Unlimited data
  • No contracts


  • Lower customer satisfaction
  • Limited availability

What customers say about Optimum

we have used this provider for nineteen years without problems. when service was interrupted, it was resolved quickly.

Optimum customer in North Carolina

Excellent customer service with high speed internet at a reasonable price. Flexible bill payment plans. Fastest internet I've used compared to Comcast and at and t.

Optimum customer in Connecticut

It is a very dependable internet service provider and delivers exactly what I need in an internet service! It is has very fast internet speed that I can depend on. The price for my internet provider is a very good price compared to other internet providers

Optimum customer in Arkansas

They do a great job making sure the service is working properly at all times even when the weather is bad. They also notify you in advance if they have to work on the lines for any reason.

Optimum customer in Illinois

Optimum availability map

Optimum provides internet, mobile phone, home phone, and cable TV services across the New York tri-state area and 17 states on the South and West Coasts. Explore our coverage map to get an overview of Optimum’s service areas in your region.

US map showing shaded areas of availability coverage for Optimum

Cities with top Optimum internet coverage

Cities Served


Compare Optimum to other internet providers

Customer Rating

Prices starting at

Max download speeds up to
1,000 Mbps

Service Type

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Customer Rating

Prices starting at

Max download speeds up to
1,200 Mbps

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Pricing, speed and availability not guaranteed. Subject to change.

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Optimum internet FAQ

What is the cheapest Optimum internet package?

Optimum’s cheapest internet package costs $40 per month and provides speeds up to 300 Mbps. But Optimum’s other plans cover a range of speeds up to 5,000 Mbps, with the most expensive package costing $180 per month.

Is Optimum 300 Mbps good?

Yes, Optimum 300 Mbps is a good deal because it provides enough speed for most households for only $40 a month.

What is the best Optimum Wi-Fi plan?

The best Optimum Wi-Fi plans are Optimum 300 and Optimum 1 Gig. Optimum 300 ($40 per month) offers the best value for most households, while Optimum 1 Gig has fast 940 Mbps maximum download speeds.

How much is Optimum internet by itself?

Optimum internet plans start at $40 per month for the first 12 months.

What is included in Optimum's basic package?

Optimum’s basic internet package offers 300Mbps download speeds for $40 monthly during the introductory period.

Is Optimum internet good?

Optimum internet is pretty good for most internet customers. It offers fast internet plans with low monthly rates, and is expanding its fiber internet availability throughout its footprint.

What is Optimum Internet?

Optimum Internet is the name for Optimum’s cable internet plans. If you’re in one of the 20 states with Optimum service, you can sign up for an Optimum internet service plan at home.

How do I lower my Optimum cable bill for seniors?

Seniors with Optimum TV may be able to get a lower bill if you qualify for subsidized service as an enrollee in a qualifying program like Medicaid or SSI.

What Optimum internet plan is best?

The Optimum internet plan with the best value is the Optimum 300 Mbps plan, which is best for most households. If you’re looking for the fastest speed, the Optimum Fiber Internet 5 Gig plan is the company’s top offering.

Is Optimum Wi-Fi good?

Optimum offers solid Wi-Fi options, including fast internet speeds and a free Wi-Fi router/modem with every Optimum internet plan.