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Optimum Mobile Plans

  • LIMITED OFFER: $50 off 1st mo. internet service w/ promo code COZY50 (1/20-3/31)
  • Up to 50 GB of mobile data
  • 5G access on every plan
  • Unlimited calls and texts
  • Bigger discounts when you add more lines

Optimum Mobile plans starting at


Smiling young woman holding a smartphone

1 Gig


  • 1 GB of full-speed data
  • 5G access
  • Unlimited calls and texts



  • 20 GB of full-speed data
  • Multi-line discount savings
  • 5 GB of mobile hotspot data

Unlimited Max


  • 50 GB of full-speed data
  • HD-quality video streaming
  • 15 GB of mobile hotspot data

Optimum Internet customers get the best savings on Optimum Mobile. Enter your zip code below to see if Optimum is available in your area.

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Optimum Mobile plans

Plan Monthly price (single line) Monthly price (2–4 lines) Monthly price (5 lines) Data allowance Details
1 GB $15.00/line $15.00/line $15.00/line 1 GB View plan
3 GB $25.00/line $25.00/line $25.00/line 3 GB View plan
Unlimited $45.00/line $30.00/line $25.00/line 20 GB View plan
Unlimited Max $55.00/line $40.00/line $35.00/line 50 GB View plan

Data effective as of publish date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Optimum Mobile’s four plans offer a variety of excellent coverage and mobile data options for any household. The budget-friendly 1 GB and 3 GB plans come with 1 GB or 3 GB of premium mobile data, and they’re a great fit if you’re looking for basic phone service. You also get great features, like nationwide 5G coverage and unlimited talk and text.

Optimum Mobile’s Unlimited and Unlimited Max plans give you premium features like 50 GB of mobile data, HD video streaming, and mobile hotspot access. You get the most from Optimum Mobile’s Unlimited plans if you’re regularly scrolling TikTok or streaming music off your phone.

Optimum Mobile family plans: save with more lines

Do you need a cell phone package that covers the kids’ Instagram scrolling and grandma’s phone calls? Mix and match Optimum phone plans to build a cell phone plan that fits everyone’s phone habits. Plus, Optimum Mobile offers staggered discounts for its Unlimited plans—add more lines, and your monthly rate per line gets smaller.

Interested in Optimum Mobile?

Check out our Optimum Mobile review to learn more about Optimum’s cell phone plans.

Optimum cell phones

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in Burgundy.
iPhone 14 smartphone
Galaxy Z Flip4

Optimum Mobile offers the newest and fastest smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S23, Apple iPhone 15, and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5. You can also bring your current cell phone to Optimum Mobile if it’s compatible with Optimum’s cell phone network.

Optimum Mobile features: get more without paying more

Whether you simply need cell phone service or you’re looking for an all-in-one cell phone plan, there’s a lot to like with Optimum Mobile. Let’s break down Optimum Mobile’s best features.


Whether you simply need cell phone service or you’re looking for an all-in-one cell phone plan, there’s a lot to like with Optimum Mobile. Let’s break down Optimum Mobile’s best features.

5G network

Every Optimum Mobile plan comes with 5G access, so you can get the fastest download speeds on your phone. If you don’t have a phone with 5G support, you can still connect to Optimum Mobile’s LTE network for decent internet speeds.

5G phones

Do you need a new smartphone? Optimum sells a variety of budget, midrange, and premium smartphones with 5G support.

Optimum Mobile FAQ

What network does Optimum Mobile use?

Optimum Mobile uses T-Mobile’s 4G LTE and 5G coverage map for service.

Is Optimum Mobile the same as Altice Mobile?

Optimum Mobile and Altice Mobile are the same company. Altice Mobile is the old name for Optimum Mobile.

How do I set up an Optimum Mobile account?

To set up an Optimum Mobile account, you can visit an Optimum store or use Optimum’s website.

Is Optimum cheaper than Verizon?

Optimum Mobile is cheaper than Verizon’s Unlimited plans.

Does Optimum give seniors a discount?

Optimum Mobile does not offer senior discounts, but Optimum does have senior discounts for internet service.


*Price per line with five phone line plan and Optimum Internet.

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