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Optimum Mobile Review April 2024: Plans, Bundles, and More

From data caps to international rates, we’ve researched everything you need to know about Optimum Mobile.

Price: $15.00–$55.00/mo.
Data cap: 1–50 GB

Optimum is the latest internet provider to get into the phone service game. With Optimum Mobile, you can bundle nationwide phone service with your Optimum service plan. Optimum Mobile won’t knock your socks off, but with features like its 50 GB phone plan, it’s worth a look if you’re already an Optimum internet subscriber.


  • A great 50 GB plan
  • Multi-line savings on Unlimited plans


  • Strict overage speed limits
  • Confusing international rates

Interested in Optimum Mobile?

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Optimum Mobile plans

Optimum Mobile uses T-Mobile’s mobile network, so you’ll get standard features like 5G support and nationwide cellular coverage. For prospective customers, Optimum Mobile offers several per gigabyte and unlimited data plans.

Optimum’s 1 GB plan ($15/mo.) is in line with the competition, as Xfinity Mobile and Spectrum Mobile’s 1 GB plans cost $15 and $14 per month. But Optimum Mobile’s 3 GB plan is cheaper per month compared to both competitors.

Plan Monthly price (single line) Monthly price (2+ lines) Data allowance Overage speed limit Details
1 GB $15.00/line $15.00/line 1 GB 128 Kbps View Plan
3 GB $25.00/line $25.00/line 3 GB 128 Kbps View Plan
Unlimited $45.00/mo. $25.00–$30.00/mo. 20 GB 512 Kbps View Plan
Unlimited Max $55.00/mo. $35.00–$40.00/mo. 50 GB 512 Kbps View Plan

Data effective as of publish date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.
1 GB, 3 GB & Unlimited & Unlimited Max plan details: AutoPay required. New Optimum Mobile lines only, cannot be applied to existing lines of service. Pricing, offer and terms subject to change at any time.

With Optimum’s Unlimited plans, you’ll get features like large data caps and multi-line savings. Your monthly rate will go down by $5 for each line you add to the account (for up to five lines). Unlimited Max’s 50 GB cap is impressive, as we rarely see providers like Optimum Mobile have caps that exceed 20 GB.

By comparison, a 50 GB plan (with a five-line account) would cost the same with AT&T compared to Optimum Mobile—$35 per line. But AT&T’s 50 GB plan comes with bells and whistles like 15 GB of hotspot data per month and AT&T ActiveArmor mobile security. With Optimum Mobile, your benefits start and end with cellular service.

Optimum Mobile’s overage policy is similarly stingy. Once you exceed your plan’s cap, your internet speeds will be lowered to 128 Kbps or 512 Kbps (depending on your exact plan). At these speeds, your phone’s internet connection will be borderline unusable. With competitors like Xfinity Mobile, your plan’s overage speeds will be around 1 Mbps, so you can still use your phone for basic web browsing.

Optimum Mobile fees

Optimum Mobile’s biggest fee is its $20 per line activation charge. This fee is a one-time charge, but it can add up if your plan has more than a few lines. Spectrum Mobile has a $20 activation fee on unlimited plans, while Xfinity Mobile’s is $10.

Unlike a lot of cellular plans from internet providers, Optimum Mobile doesn’t require Optimum internet, but you’ll get the best Optimum Mobile rates with a bundle. Without an Optimum internet plan, you’ll pay an additional $10 to $15 more per line per month for Optimum Mobile.

Also, Optimum Mobile’s approach to international calls is fairly confusing. Optimum breaks up its international coverage into four groups of countries. For each group, you’ll pay a flat monthly fee between $20 and $60 for phone and text service. Unless you’re calling overseas family members on a weekly basis, it’ll be tough to get your money’s worth from Optimum Mobile’s international pricing.

To learn more about Optimum’s hidden fees, check out our comprehensive guide.

What to look for

Optimum Mobile has its share of unique features compared to other cellular providers. Before you sign the dotted line, here’s what you’ll need to know about Optimum Mobile.

CDMA vs. GSM phones

Cellular networks are built on two competing systems: CDMA (Verizon) and GSM (T-Mobile and AT&T) networks. Because Optimum Mobile uses T-Mobile’s network, your phone may not work if you were previously with a provider like Verizon or Xfinity Mobile.

Use Optimum Mobile’s compatibility tool to confirm if your current phone can be carried over to Optimum.

Optimum Mobile deals

Optimum Mobile’s best deals have included offers adding Optimum Mobile to your Optimum Internet plan to gain savings of up to $15 per month on your Internet bill. Check out our Optimum deals guide for the latest Optimum and Optimum Mobile savings.

Want to bundle internet and cell phone service?

Internet and phone bundles are a great way to save on your monthly bill. Visit our internet and cell phone guide to learn about the best bundle options.

Is Optimum Mobile worth it?

With downsides like large activation fees and aggressive overage throttling, Optimum Mobile doesn’t necessarily separate itself from the pack. But Optimum Mobile’s decent monthly rates and wide availability make the provider a decent option if you’re interested in an Optimum service bundle.


To evaluate Optimum Mobile, we analyzed data including pricing, overage speed limits, and data caps for each Optimum Mobile plan. We also compared Optimum Mobile to operators including Spectrum Mobile and Xfinity Mobile to see how Optimum Mobile stacked up to the competition.

For more on our methodology, see our How We Rank page.

Optimum Mobile FAQ

What network does Optimum Mobile use?

Optimum Mobile uses T-Mobile’s network to provide cell phone service.

Is Optimum Mobile the same as Altice Mobile?

Optimum Mobile is the same thing as Altice Mobile. Altice Mobile renamed itself to Optimum Mobile in 2021.

What is Optimum Mobile?

Optimum Mobile is the cell phone provider division of Optimum. With Optimum Mobile, you can sign up for cell phone plans and get up to 50 GB of mobile data per month.

Is Optimum Mobile really unlimited?

Optimum Mobile’s Unlimited service plans are not technically unlimited. Once you hit the plan’s data cap, you won’t be hit with overage charges, but your data speeds will be slowed down to around 512 Kbps.

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