Cox Contour Review 2022

We analyzed features, prices, and more to help you decide if the Contour Record 6 DVR feeds your TV needs.

Price: $20.00/mo.

Storage: 250 hours in HD 

Simultaneous recordings: 6 shows

Data effective as of post date. Pricing and speeds are subject to change. Not all offers available in all areas.

The Contour Record 6 DVR is an optional device you can add to your Cox Contour TV service to record and store your favorite shows for an additional $20 a month. 

While it provides 250 hours of HD storage and allows you to record up to six shows simultaneously, it’s not the cheapest option available.


  • Ability to record up to 6 shows at once
  • 250 hrs. of HD storage
  • Pause and rewind live TV
  • Fast-forward through recorded shows
  • No-contract options available
  • Voice remote


  • Higher prices than competitors

Cox Contour Record 6 vs. the competition

Device DVR Price HD storage Simultaneous recordings
Cox Contour Record 6 DVR $20.00/mo. 250 hrs. 6 View Plans
DISH Hopper 3 $10.00/mo. 500 hrs. 16 View Plans

Read DISH Hopper 3 Review
DIRECTV Genie Included with package 200 hrs. 5 View Plans

Read DIRECTV Genie Review
Xfinity X1 $7.50-$8.50/mo.* 150 hrs.* 6 View Plans

Read Xfinity X1 Review
Amazon Fire TV Recast $229.99 75 hrs. 2 View on Amazon

Data effective as of post date. Pricing and speeds are subject to change. Not all offers available in all areas.

Amazon Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. utilizes paid Amazon links.

*Varies by location and package. Xfinity also charges an additional $10–$20 per month for additional cloud storage.

For those binge-watchers and folks with multiperson households, the Cox Contour Record 6 is an option that makes sense. However, while its storage is hearty and you can fill your library with a ton of shows, some competitors offer more for less.

If you’re looking for the best value, the DISH Hopper 3 offers twice as much HD storage as the Cox Contour Record 6 for a fraction of the price. DISH also offers over twice the amount of simultaneous recordings.

DIRECTV Genie comes included with your regular DIRECTV plan cost, but that also means it’s subject to a price hike in the second year of your contract, so we can’t really recommend it as a better deal.

The Xfinity X1 box is $8.50 per month, or $7.50 in some locations. It comes with 150 hours of built-in HD storage, but Xfinity also allows you to upgrade your cloud DVR storage with or without the X1 box. These add-ons range from $10 to $20 per month for up to 300 hours of recording. Unfortunately, whether this is a better deal than Cox Contour is largely dependent on your location and package.

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Cox Contour DVR options

DVR service DVR Price HD storage Simultaneous recordings
Cox Contour Record 2 DVR service $13.50/mo. 250 hrs. 2 View Plans
Cox Contour Record 6 DVR service $20.00/mo. 250 hrs. 6 View Plans
Cox Contour Record 24 DVR service $30.00/mo. 1,000 hrs. 24 View Plans

Data effective as of post date. Pricing and speeds are subject to change. Not all offers available in all areas.

Contour Record 6 DVR specs and features

If premium features are more of a concern than the price of being a Cox customer, then the Record 6 might still be right for you.

Simultaneous recordings

There’s nothing like seeing everyone in a household with a smile on their face. And not having to fight over what to watch can help those grins stretch from ear to ear. 

Do you have a big family or a home with multiple residents? The Cox Contour Record 6 can record up to six shows at once—you can kiss DVR battles goodbye. 

While that sounds great, do take a minute to ask yourself if you think that much recording is necessary. Some competitors give you nearly the same features without the $20 per month price tag if you don’t need that many recordings.

For instance, DIRECTV’s Genie, which is included with your TV package, lets you record five programs simultaneously.

Contour TV App

Available on Android, Amazon, and iOS devices, the Contour TV app lets you watch live TV and Cox On Demand on your phone or tablet. 

You can manage, set, and download your DVR recordings with this app. You can also watch your recorded content.

Think of it as a mobile companion to your DVR—you can watch and manage content from any location.

Cox Contour Channel Guide


While you get up to 250 hours of HD video and 1,000 hours of SD storage space with the Cox Contour Record 6 DVR for $20 a month, this is another time when Cox isn’t in the lead with the best deal. The DISH Hopper 3 comes in at $15 per month and gives you 500 HD storage hours.

Multiroom viewing

Picture this: It’s late at night, and you’re cozy on the couch in front of the TV. You want to watch a whole movie, but stretching out on your mattress starts to sound good. No problem. Pause the show, grab your phone or tablet, climb in bed, pull up your movie on the Contour app, and pick up right where you left off.

The Contour app allows multiple people in a household to watch whatever they like at any time. If you’re planning to watch from additional TVs in the home, here’s another chance for Cox to add a fee. Additional Contour DVR receivers are $10 a month. We’d recommend using the app instead. You’ll find similar charges with other providers, but some are a bit cheaper. For instance, an extra DVR box for the DISH Hopper 3 costs $7 a month.

Pro tip: Your internet speed helps determine how many users can be active online at one time. With Cox’s highest speed internet option, Gigablast, an unlimited number of users can enjoy Contour TV simultaneously. Cox offers additional internet plans to bundle with your TV service that are ideal for two to nine users.

Parental controls 

Your kids might pull a fast one and try sneaking out of bed to watch TV. With parental controls, you can choose days or times to lock the TV so they can’t access inappropriate content. Using a PIN you create, the power is literally in your hands.

TV and movie recommendations

As TV fans, we all know what it’s like to fall into the what-to-watch rabbit hole. Fortunately, you can search for a specific title or a genre, and the Contour Guide will recommend similar shows and movies you might enjoy.

Voice control remote

The Contour 2 Voice Remote will let you boss your TV around to your heart’s content without wasting time typing. One button push controls voice activation. It’s sensitive to sound; you don’t have to shout for it to hear youunless you’re having a party, then you may need to speak up.

If you are using your fingers to flip between shows and don’t want to start at square one every time, press the Last button to bring up the nine shows and movies you’ve watched most recently. It’s one nice part of the Cox package that doesn’t come with an additional fee.

Final take

The Cox Contour Record 6 DVR is more spendy than Xfinity’s X1 and DIRECTV’s Genie, and your simultaneous recordings are limited to six. The DISH Hopper 3 wins overall on price, storage, and the number of shows you can record at the same time.

If you’re stuck on Cox as a TV service provider, the Cox Contour Record 6 DVR is a decent addition to your plan. Examine the Cox Contour TV packages and plans to see which one offers the channel lineup you like best.

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Cox Contour FAQ

What is Contour from Cox Communications?

Contour is the name of the digital cable TV service offered by Cox Communications. Contour Record 6, 12, and 14 are the names of the DVR options available with your TV service.

How do I get Cox Contour on my TV?

To enjoy Cox Contour, you need a Cox TV subscription. Cox offers four different TV packages, each with different prices and channel lineups. That’s an important browse, as you might want a lineup that is plump with sports channels while others might want all the channels for kids they can get.

Check out Cox Contour TV packages and plans to find one that meets your needs.

Is Netflix free with Cox Contour?

You can access Netflix through your Contour subscription, but it’s not free. Once you’re set up with your Contour TV package, you can hit the Contour button on your remote and head to the Apps section.

Open the app and log in to your Netflix account to begin streaming. You can check out our Netflix review for pricing if you haven’t already taken that plunge.

How much is Cox Contour?

Cox offers four Contour TV packages, each with a different price.

  • Contour TV Starter ($50.00/mo.,  75+ channels)
  • Contour TV Preferred ($90.00/mo., 140+ channels)
  • Contour TV Preferred Plus ($110.00/mo., 170+ channels)
  • Contour TV Ultimate ($130.00/mo., 250+ channels)

Data effective as of post date. Pricing and speeds are subject to change. Not all offers available in all areas.

Is the Record 6 DVR easy to use?

In a word, very. Like any new plan or package, it takes a minute to get used to, but then it’s like a comfortable old sweater—it doesn’t keep you warm, though.

Press the record button to capture a show, and the guide will take you through prompts to set the parameters of your recording. You also can fast-forward through recorded content—so if you’re not a fan of those tiny movies known as commercials, this should add some joy.

Is Record 6 the only Cox Contour DVR option?

If recording six shows at once isn’t your top priority for a DVR, Cox also offers the Contour Record 2 DVR, calling it its “essential” DVR service. It has a little less HD storage—200 hours—and comes with a smaller price tag of $13.50 per month.

If you want to maximize your recording opportunity, there’s the Contour Record 24, which is the one Cox calls its “ultimate” DVR service. Its 1,000 hours of storage and ability to simultaneously record 24 programs are matched with the equally big price tag of $30 per month.

How do I know if Cox is in my region?

Enter your zip code below to find out if Cox is in your neighborhood.

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