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Cox Troubleshooting Guide

Here’s what you need to do if your Cox TV or internet service is acting up.

Want faster, more reliable internet? While Cox has some affordable cable internet plans, direct competitors like AT&T and Earthlink offer faster, more reliable fiber internet at a reasonable price. See if AT&T or Earthlink are available in your area.

Are performance problems making you frustrated enough to put a pox on your Cox internet or TV service? Use our troubleshooting tips to fix common Cox service problems. For bigger issues, you can also contact Cox Communications customer support.

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Troubleshooting your Cox Wi-Fi

Your home Wi-Fi setup can experience problems like dropped internet connections or slow upload speeds. Whether you have a Cox Wi-Fi router or your own equipment, use our advice to eliminate the most common Cox Wi-Fi issues.

Check your router and modem lights

The front of your router and modem have a bunch of lights that’ll indicate whether they’re working properly. Take a look at your router’s Wi-Fi light and modem’s downstream light. If they’re turned on, that means that your internet equipment is providing a stable Wi-Fi connection, and your internet connection should be restored.

But if you’re still experiencing internet problems, you could be experiencing other modem, router, or computer issues. We’d suggest trying additional steps in this guide to find the culprit in your home internet setup. Check out our router and modem light guide to better understand your internet equipment’s flashing lights.

Find your Cox Wi-Fi network name and password

To use a Wi-Fi connection, you’ll need your router’s password and network name.

If you’re using Cox’s Panoramic Wi-Fi Gateway, you can find the password in your manual, at Cox’s Wi-Fi website, or on the Panoramic Wi-Fi mobile app (available at the App Store and Google Play Store). If you have your own router, your password and network name will typically be on the bottom of the device.

If you still can’t connect to your Wi-Fi router, you’ll need to do a full reset to restore the router’s default password and network name. For Cox gateway owners, follow our guide below to reset the device. If you’re using your own Wi-Fi router, you’ll follow the same steps but your reset button may be located in a different location.

Reboot your wireless router

Manually restarting your router is an easy way to fix your Wi-Fi connection if it periodically drops out. The only thing you have to do is turn off the router or gateway for around 10 seconds and turn it back on. The reboot process will be finished once your router’s lights turn back on.

Take an internet speed test

Does your internet performance feel slower than normal? Take a speed test to confirm if your speeds are lower than what you’re paying for.

Even with the latest and greatest equipment, Wi-Fi signals will still get weaker the farther you are from a router or if your signal has to pass through concrete or brick walls. Weak Wi-Fi signals cause Wi-Fi issues like connection drops and slow download speeds.

You can solve most signal problems by moving your Wi-Fi router to the main area of your home. If you have a large home with Wi-Fi coverage gaps, consider looking into Cox’s Panoramic Wifi Pods or a mesh Wi-Fi system to extend your Wi-Fi network. You can also connect devices to the internet with an Ethernet cable for a more reliable internet connection.

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Troubleshooting your Cox internet service

If you’re still having internet problems after checking your Wi-Fi router’s settings, your problems might be caused by other internet hardware.

Restart your Cox cable modem

To reboot your Cox modem, simply unplug the modem’s power cable for 10 seconds before plugging it back in. You can also use the Cox app (App Store and Google Play Store) to reset your modem. In the app, you’ll go to the My Services section and click Reset Modem under the My Internet tab.

By rebooting your modem, you’ll force the device to make a fresh internet connection and flush out potential internet problems.

How to reset your Cox gateway

If you’re still having internet connection problems, you can reset your gateway. But keep in mind that this’ll wipe any saved network settings.

  1. Locate the reset button on the back of your gateway device. It’ll be a single pinhole near the power cord.
  2. Use a narrow object like a paper clip and hold down the reset button.
  3. Wait for 10 seconds until the gateway’s front panel flashes.

Confirm Cox internet outage

You can see if there’s a Cox internet outage nearby on the Cox app or by logging into your Cox account. Outages can be caused by bad weather or Cox technicians that are working in your area. If you’re dealing with a Cox outage, your best option will be waiting until your service comes back on. Check out our Cox outage guide for your full list of options.

Troubleshooting your Cox TV device

Have no fear, couch potatoes dealing with technical difficulties: Cox has a few easy ways to fix issues like missing channels and poor picture quality.

Check your connections

Make sure that you’re using an HDMI cable to connect your TV and cable box. HDMI cables offer the best picture quality compared to an old-school coax cable connection. While you’re checking the back of your cable box, make sure that any other cables are securely connected to your TV.

Refresh the signal to your Cox TV device

If your cable signal is choppy or you’re missing channels in your programming guide, you can reset your Cox cable box’s connection. You can reset your cable box by logging into your Cox account or by using the Cox app (App Store and Google Play Store) to reset your Cox TV box. Under the My Services tab, go to My TV and click Reset Equipment. The reset process usually takes up to 15 minutes.

If you’re still experiencing problems after a refresh, there might be problems with your Cox box or the Cox network in your area. In this case, we’d recommend giving Cox customer service a call.

Troubleshooting your Cox TV app

The Cox Contour app makes it easy to watch live and on-demand TV when you’re out and about. Here’s what you’ll need to do if you’re having problems with the app.

Update your Cox TV app

Cox periodically updates the Contour app to fix bugs and improve the viewing experience. Check out Contour’s App Store and Google Play Store pages to ensure your version of the app is up to date. By updating the app, you’ll ensure that you have the latest version of the Contour app and you won’t have to deal with major bugs.

Uninstall and reinstall your Cox TV app

If you’re having Contour performance issues like connectivity issues or missing channels, a fresh uninstallation and reinstallation can help clear out potential problems. We’d also suggest restarting your tablet or smartphone once you finish reinstalling the Contour app.

Check your parental controls

Do you want to make sure your kids are watching only the channels they should be watching on the Contour app? Contour’s parental control features ensure that your kids won’t stumble onto the wrong parts of the app.

In the Contour app, click Settings and open Parental Controls. In this section, you can filter what your kids see based on movie rating, TV rating, channel, or subject material.

Still having technical difficulties?

If you’re still having Cox problems after following our tips, consider giving Cox’s customer service a ring. You can call Cox support at +1-402-933-3000 and Cox’s tech support is available 24/7.

Cox troubleshooting FAQ

How do I reset my Cox cable box?

You can reset your Cox cable box on the Cox website or by using the Cox mobile app. In the app, go to My TV under the My Services tab. Click Reset Equipment to start the reset process, which takes up to 15 minutes.

How do I troubleshoot Cox Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi problems can be caused by problems with your router, computer, or house setup. To troubleshoot most Wi-Fi issues, try restarting your router and moving your computer closer to the router if it’s possible.

Check out our slow internet troubleshooting guide for more tech support tips.

Why is my Cox cable box not working?

Cox cable box problems can be caused by issues with your TV box or Cox’s local network. Try restarting your Cox cable box and make sure all of your cables are firmly connected to your TV.

How do I reset my Cox Panoramic modem?

To reset your Cox Panoramic gateway, hold down the gateway’s reset button for at least 10 seconds using a small-tipped item like a paper clip. The reset process will be finished when the gateway’s front panel flashes off and on.

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