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Cox Communications Customer Service Phone Number

Best For: Existing Customers, Customer Service Concerns, Adding Services, Address Changes,
Bill Pay, General Inquiries

Trying to stay connected with Cox Communications? We’ve got your number. Cox provides affordable bundles
that allow customers to combine TV, Internet, phone, and home security services for one low price. If you
already have Cox and you’re looking to get assistance, the customer service phone number listed above will
direct you to a Cox representative who will assist with adding or moving services, paying your bill, general
questions, and much more.

Para Español, Press 2.

Cox Home Networking Support Phone Numbers

Best For: Existing Customers, Tech Support, Internet Customers

If you have a technical question or need assistance setting up your home network, Cox is here to help. Dial
either of the above technical support phone numbers to reach a technician who will work with you to resolve
your networking issue. Cox also has plenty of resources, forums, and online technical chats to virtually
assist internet customers.

Cox Tech Support Phone Number

Best For: Existing Customers, General Technical Support and Inquiries

Do you need technical assistance with your TV or phone service? Use this phone number to reach a Cox agent
who can help. This number is best for questions and concerns surrounding products or services not related to
Internet service or home networking.

Cox Advanced Tech Solution Phone Number

Best For: Existing Customers, General Computing Questions

This is a paid subscription service available to Cox customers who need a little extra assistance in
resolving PC and Internet related issues not associated with Cox service. A technician can assist with
software crashes, viruses, setting up a secure network, and computer updates. Learn more about the services
available and the cost associated with each here: Cox Advanced Tech

Cox Business Automated Support Phone Number

Best For: Business Customers, General Inquiries, Account Balance, Bill Pay

If you just need a quick update on your Cox business account status or a way to pay your bill, this
automated support phone number will be just the ticket. It’ll walk you through a menu that allows you to get
updated information about your business account, pay your bill, schedule appointments, and more.

Cox Business Technical Support Phone Number

Best For: Business Customers, Tech Support, Existing Customers

Business customers can use this business technical support phone number to connect with a Cox agent who will
assist in resolving the issue. This phone number is best for existing business customers who have more
complex questions that the automated number can’t address.

Cox Homelife Solutions Phone Number

Best For: Home Security Customers, Technical Support or Customer Service Concerns for Cox Homelife

This phone number directs your questions about Cox’s home security services to the appropriate
representative who can help. Dial to get more information about technical support and customer service
concerns for Cox’s Homelife.

Before You Call

There are a few things you’ll want to have on hand to help your call to Cox go as smoothly as possible. We recommend that you have the following items in front of you before you dial.

Your Account Number: Log into Cox’s My Account and find your account number, resources, and other ways you can reach Cox Communications. Cox’s business customers can access their account information and services through the Cox’s My Account Business Resource Center.

If you have a recent bill, the account number is usually in the upper right hand corner of the bill. To see a detailed explanation of your Cox bill along with helpful videos and plenty of resources, visit Cox’s Billing and Account Videos.

Can’t find your account number? That’s okay. A helpful Cox customer service representative can usually pull up your information via the phone number associated with the account.

The Last Four Digits of Your Social Security Number: You may be asked this question for the purposes of confirming your identity and to verify you have permission to manage the account you are calling about.

Billing or Service Address: If you are looking to set up or move service, it’s helpful to have the exact address to ensure the representative can assist you properly.

Paper, pen or note-taking device: Keep something on hand so you can quickly jot down confirmation numbers, names, and phone numbers.

Before You Call
Other Ways

Other Ways to Contact Cox

Cox provides plenty of ways to connect online. Use the following resources for assistance with Cox customer service, technical support, bill pay, and more.

Cox Support Center: Cox has you covered with a full range of tools to assist customers in their support center. Watch videos, utilize troubleshooting guides, and read resources to get assistance with service concerns, technical issues, bill pay, and more.

Cox’s My Account: Submit a ticket, add services, view your bill, check your email, chat with a technician, and much more through Cox’s My Account.

Cox Welcome Center: If you’re new to Cox, you can utilize their customer welcome center to get access to account, billing, and support for TV, Internet, phone, or home security services

Cox Support Chat: Want to talk online with a service representative? This chat tool will allow you to reach Cox support 24/7.

Cox Support Forums: Find answers to popular questions about TV, Internet, and phone service by joining a discussion on one of Cox’s Support Forums.

Cox Solutions Stores: Visit a local store to get assistance with equipment, adding services, and more. Helpful Cox agents are standing by to help at these Cox store locations across the country.

Email Cox: Business customers can get assistance via email by directing their queries according to the following addresses for technical support, billing, and customer service.

Contact Cox on Twitter: Cox encourages customers to engage with them on Twitter. You can find them tweeting away and providing assistance here.

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