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Cox On Demand Guide

We look at what Cox On Demand service offers, its good and bad points, and how it rates against competitors.

  • Library of 150,000+ TV shows and movies
  • Current box office titles available to rent
  • PIN to protect unauthorized purchases

Is Cox On Demand good?

Cox’s cable TV packages, while not the cheapest options out there, come with On Demand service. The robust library that comes with every TV package is loaded with programming to fit every interest in a household. Does it cost any extra? In a word, no.

From sports to blockbuster films and kids TV shows, there are more than 150,000 options available. If you don’t mind paying for one of the Cox TV packages—which are more costly than services like Spectrum—then this sweet bonus is icing on the cable TV cake.

On Demand is certainly not a feature to shake a stick at, but do you need it to have an ideal cable TV experience? Let’s take a look at the ups and downs of this Cox feature.

Cox On Demand pros and cons


  • Library of 150,000+ movies and TV shows
  • Kids and teens filter for parents
  • Current box office titles available to rent
  • PIN to prevent unauthorized purchases


  • Expensive cable TV packages
  • Non-exclusive content
  • Price hikes after the first year
  • 12-24 month contracts

You read that right—over 150,000 titles to choose from. Sinking into an armchair and having epic TV binges could be a reality—your reality. If your Cox TV plan includes premium channels like HBO Max and SHOWTIME®, you can also access that content anytime on Cox On Demand at no additional cost. Depth of content is one of the bright spots of this service.

But if you or the combination of members of your household aren’t avid TV watchers, a deep library in addition to the content included in your TV package isn’t going to win you over.

Since some of its competitors can beat Cox’s pricing, it’s a love of TV that will be your deciding factor here.

How does Cox On Demand stand up against the competition?

Provider Price Total on-demand titles Type Details
Cox $61.00–$152.00/mo. 150,000+ Cable
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Spectrum $69.99–$74.99/mo. 85,000+ Cable View Plans for Spectrum
Read Spectrum review
Hulu + Live TV $76.99–$89.99/mo. 4,000+ Live TV and on-demand streaming View Plans for Hulu
Read Hulu + Live TV review
Netflix $6.99–$22.99/mo. 15,000+ On-demand streaming View Plans for Netflix
Read Netflix review
Amazon Prime Video $8.99–$14.99/mo. or $139.00/yr. 25,000+ On-demand streaming View plans
Read Amazon Prime Video review

Spectrum doesn’t lock you into a contract, and overall, its packages come in at lower prices than Cox while still being channel-heavy enough to provide hours of entertainment. The Spectrum On Demand library offers more than 60,000 titles. That’s less than half of what you get with Cox’s On Demand feature, but, as a reminder, Spectrum’s cable TV packages are cheaper.

Cord cutters have a friend in Hulu. Its library is loaded with TV shows and movies. Adding the live TV option gets you that cable TV experience without breaking the bank. Channels like USA, Lifetime, and FX are part of Hulu’s live TV channel blend—you’ll find those on Cox plans, too.

Netflix not only has a library to occupy your eyes and brain for a zillion hours but also, it’s a leader in original content. Movies from Bo Burnham’s Inside to cult horror films like Army of the Dead ride alongside signature TV shows Never Have I Ever and Dead to Me.

And if you have Amazon Prime, you’re already set up with Amazon Prime Video. You can enjoy live sports with NFL Thursday Night Football and original shows like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, alongside a grab bag of free movies and TV shows.

If your concern is sticking to a small budget, Hulu (minus live TV), Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video would give you a lot to watch without Cox TV’s big price tag.

How to access Cox On Demand

At the top center of a Cox TV remote, there’s an On Demand button just below the Power button. Press that to open the Cox On Demand library.

If you are using the Cox Contour DVR, click on the Contour button at the remote’s center. Or, if you prefer a different way, hit the number one button on your remote, and it will also take you to the magical and vast Cox On Demand content library.

If you are using Cox on a phone or tablet and want to access Cox On Demand, just download the Cox Contour TV app for android or iPhone, open it up, and make sure you’re logged in with your provider information.

Once you get access, finding what you want is pretty easy. Tabs at the top of the page let you get right to the genre or demographic you’re looking for: TV, Movies, Kids, Sports, Music, Black Film & TV, Latino, Pride, Asian-Pacific, and Networks.

Additionally, you can rent plenty of new release titles from Cox On Demand.

Popular shows and movies on Cox On Demand

You can catch the latest episodes of shows like The Chi, Animal Kingdom, and the animated oddballs known as Rick & Morty using Cox On Demand.

If you want to spend some extra money, you can also rent new releases—fresh titles are added weekly.

Check out Cox’s website for a complete list of shows and movies.

Our final take on Cox On Demand

The Cox On Demand library is a vast and deep collection of TV shows, movies, and entertainment. For TV fanatics or households where the residents have diverse interests, it’s undoubtedly an attractive feature of Cox’s cable TV packages.

If you don’t mind spending money and are prepared to deal with fees that go up after a year, we’d recommend the Contour TV Preferred plan. For less than $100 (the first year, anyhow), you get 140+ channels and access to the On Demand treasure trove. Pick the package you want—On Demand comes with each option.

Cox On Demand FAQ

Do I have to have a Cox subscription to use the On Demand service?

Cox On Demand requires a subscription to one of Cox Communications’ TV packages or a bundle that combines TV with internet and—for those who still use a landline—phone. As long as cable TV is in the mix, this service comes along for the ride.

How much does Cox On Demand cost?

Cox On Demand is included in your cable TV package at no additional cost. Take a look at the Cox TV package options to decide what best fits your budget and needs.

Can I watch Cox On Demand on a phone or tablet?

With Cox On Demand, you can access all of the sports channels that are included with your TV package—jump in any time and catch up on things you’ve missed or rewatch something that blew your mind.

If that isn’t enough to whet your sports whistle, add-ons like MLB Extra Innings, NFL RedZone from NFL Network, and MLS Direct Kick are available and give you a chance to peep out-of-market games from the comfort of your home.

Login to your account to upgrade your TV plan to include the sports packages of your choice—or at least see how much each costs.

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