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Rachel has spent the past two years at writing articles that demystify hidden fees, DVRs, sound systems, and more. She makes door-to-door DISH and DIRECTV salespeople uncomfortable with her in-depth questions—but if that’s what it takes to get you the best TV experience, she’s happy to do it. In addition to writing for, Rachel’s work has been featured on,,, and

Best Internet Providers in Customer Satisfaction 2020

by | Jul 2, 2020 | Best Of, Industry News | 0 

See what folks like you all over the country think of top internet service providers. You might be surprised that some customers actually like their internet service. And that might help you make the decision to switch internet providers.

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Best Cheap Internet Packages 2020

by | Jun 30, 2020 | Reviews | 0 

Xfinity Performance Select 100 Mbps $34.99/mo. for the first 12 mos. w/ 1-yr. agreement View Plans Verizon Fios Internet 100/100 200 Mbps $39.99/mo. w/ Auto Pay + taxes & equipment charges View Plans Cox Internet Essential 30 30 Mbps $39.99/mo. for 12 months w/1-yr. service agr. View Plans Internet service during the new coronavirus (COVID-19) [...]

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Free and Low-Cost Cable TV Options 2020

by | Jun 29, 2020 | TV FAQs | 1 

Looking to save some money? Here are solutions to cut back on your cable or satellite television subscription without giving up TV entertainment all together.

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Best DSL Internet Providers 2020

by | Jun 26, 2020 | Best Of, Reviews | 1 

DSL: it’s everywhere. Well, DSL is nearly everywhere at least. And that’s one of its strongest qualities. About 88% of the urban US and 69% of the rural US have access to DSL internet—which means if you’re reading this, you probably do too.

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The Hidden Costs of Spectrum

by | | TV FAQs | 40 

When you get internet and cable service, there is the advertised price and then there is the price you really pay. Here we list all the hidden costs of Spectrum TV and internet to help you make an informed decision.

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Get Wi-Fi for Your Home

by | Jun 25, 2020 | TV FAQs | 0 

Need Wi-Fi for your home? Our handy guide will help you learn more about home Wi-Fi service and choose which internet provider is right for you and your home.

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Best Internet Providers 2020

by | Jun 24, 2020 | Best Of | 0 

Best for overall customer satisfaction Price: $39.99–$79.99/mo. Max download speeds: 200–940 Mbps Data caps: Unlimited View plans Best for cheap internet Price: $19.99–$59.99/mo. Max download speeds: 25–940 Mbps Data caps: Unlimited View plans Best for gigabit speeds Price: $49.99/mo. Max download speeds: 100-940 Mbps Data caps: 1,024 GB-Unlimited View plans Best no-contract internet Price: $39.99-$69.99/mo. Max download speeds: 300-1,000 Mbps Data caps: Unlimited [...]

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Cable Modem Buyers Guide 2020

by | Jun 22, 2020 | Equipment Guides | 1 

To get the most out of your cable internet package, choose a cable modem that can keep up. We’ve got the lowdown on renting vs. buying, top brands (NETGEAR, ARRIS, Motorola), DOCSIS 3.0 and DOCSIS 3.1 information, and cable provider compatibility.

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Why Is My Internet So Slow?

by | Jun 9, 2020 | Tools | 0 

If you feel like your internet is running slower than usual, it might be because you’re using it for more streaming and video calls than you used to. But you don’t have to get stuck in the slow lane. We’ll help you figure out how to choose the new internet plan you need—or how to get the most out of the internet you’ve got right now.

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Find Fiber TV Providers in Your Area

by | May 29, 2020 | Reviews | 0 

Enter your zip code to see providers in your area Please enter a valid zip code. Find About fiber service Fiber-optic technology moves information between your home and your service provider at incredible speeds. It relies on special cables with fiber-optic strands made of glass—or sometimes plastic for short distances. With this construction, data travels [...]

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